perilous plot of the underground chinks!

hOoowAaahh.. latest craze would be the name-changing thingy – yours truly would be Tootie Wafflechunks, Siew Lee would be Crustie Girdletush (and how vulgar is that, babe? :D), Frank would be Poopsie Bubblepants and Leong would be Goober Girdlechunks! That obviously made no flying sense to most, but those who do understand – c’mon! hOw COoL aRe wE, mANnn!! Spread the lurve!!

Siew Lee, Mindy (Tootie Crazytushie) and Chuo Ming (Goober Cootiepants) have already finished with their exams and are finally done with their uni-years! I got one more paper to go (10 freaking days later) and then we will all be GRADUATING!!! *throws confetti into the air, yelling merry christmas* Watch out, watch out – they have just unleashed another bunch of palms-rubbing lawyers into this infested world! We all have good things ahead of us – be it the BAR, CLP, Masters or the first day at work. Get married, make them juniors, Labradors, cribs by the sea, BMWs, Ferraris, private jet, other fine fine pleasures in life, yada yada yada… (and yes, I would be joking about the last few parts)

Which brings to mind… I have always been one who would get all sOFt in out and “awwww!” when it comes to things along the lines of getting married, a gorgeous wedding, a HUBBY, the whole “Guess what! I am pregnant!!” hoohaa and BABIES. Then suddenly I have been hearing wayyyy too many news of friends and people around me getting engaged – mind you, these people are around the same age group as me, plus 1-2 years maybe. Early? Maybe… Serious? It better be… Lovely? Definitely ;)… And now, I am very nervous. I got so nervous while talking to my mummy about it, I hyperventilated. I really dunno why… just some emotions (fear even?) which I never thought I had in me, I guess? I mean, I was sooo looking forward to all these but look at me now, all I wanna do is get them out of my head.

Chances are, it is probably just a phase… :D…. if Leong continues to have this site up and if I continue to blog here – stay tuned coz a few years down the road I might just be telling you guys how my future hubby proposed to me :D… I would have gone on to say that I will even give you guys a blow-by-blow account of me giving birth but muAHhahaha I don’t really see how many people visiting this site would be interested in that anyway! 😛

Chin-chin Bubblepants… I know how you hate the new nick and even more so that I made you change it to entertain me 😀 but thanks for standing all my nonsense, quirks and fancies throughout the time we have known each other. *hugs*


42 thoughts on “perilous plot of the underground chinks!”

  1. aww this sounds like a perfect story in the making!!! i dont see why you or anyone in their mid 20s to early 30s wouldnt blog. ive seem alot of ppls in that age group do it.maybe you’ll have your own? and not blog on ah b.. err Goober Girdlechucks site! ;p

  2. i’m lost. wen dee got proposed?! hehe.and oh shit, im confused with all this girdleclan’s nicknames.

  3. hahah we’re growing old! :xbut you know what? i look forward to having my first kid. sure sleepless nights, poopy and all arent the best things in life, but the baby is. and the love shared between u, ur other half, and the precious little human you brought into this scary as it sounds, that’s more than enough to put a warm fuzzy feeling in me.

  4. *looks at’re the only man i know of today who wishes for a kid and doesn’t mind the child’s cryings, poopy and all those. wish there were more men like you di0n. too bad im not into kids. 😀

  5. di0n: tat was super super super schweet!!! :Deraine: THANKS!! poopsie cootiebiscuits: you started it babe 😉

  6. heh, i love kids. i’ve loved them since i was one (i still am but, hey!) i used to take care of my little cousin when i was about 10-12 and i think it went from are so great to play with. u can do or say anything (within limits) and they won’t judge you! they laugh at the most horrible jokes you make, they always come running up and hugging you when they see you (well my younger cousins do to me anyways). can’t help it la. i’m such a softy! ;p

  7. what paedophile huh?! >:(i like begin around kids! im NOT like your cousin whom i shall no name!!! 😛

  8. Ummm…How come i don’t know that i have a new nick Poopsie Bubblepants? I have no idea what does it mean but hell i am going to put that for my MSN messanger but not icq cos ummm…my utopia alliance people may not recognise me.

  9. wahaks! frank: we have the same first name! :oDdee: yeah babe. i burst out laughing everytime i see one of us log on to msn :oDdont be party poopers! this phase will die out in a matter of time le. wont be soon…but it will eventually :oD

  10. Jia Hui: :oO really? That is good! Alex, Khai Fei, and Siew Lee also have the same first name as us. ^_-

  11. I just realise that jia hui was talking about the nick that wen dee gave us. I just realise it when i was sleeping. when i wrote the previous reply, i had not slept for 24 hours. My brain was pretty faddap then.

  12. I think i am still quite faddup. The last message i wrote is so shitty that I have to read it twice before i can understand it myself. LOL…i have to sleep well the day before my exam or else i will fail my exam because of my lousy English.

  13. haha! the only part i dont understand is where alex, khai fei and siew lee have the same first name as frank and i. at first, i thought he meant that we have the same surname….but that cant be rite… ;o

  14. Xes: look like ur blog is growing very well. You are getting heaps of hits ever since Wen dee blogged here. Value wei!

  15. ahhah actually yours a little harder since it’s a personal site and many advertising companies hate personal sites! ;pbut hey, porno pays well! >_<

  16. i tried applying for one, but they’ll only pay if someone signs up for an account..ehhehe mmm maybe could put some porno links here since i get loads of hits from people looking for “VCD LUCAH”

  17. hahaha see urs is a personal site. if you did something like free service or what then easier to find advertiser for you! ;psamore can pay like something along the lines of USD$25 per 1000 unique hits you receive per 24 hours!

  18. try the community stuff, but ofcourse porn will get you more money.. u just gotta hit the site for 30 seconds they give u money ^_^

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