Summer holiday begins!

Japanese exam was good. It was easy and I finished the 3 hours paper in 1½ hour. It’s my last exam today and sadly, my last day as a student of University of Sheffield. Sob sob, the end of my university life! I got out from the exam hall an hour early and stood outside chatting with my classmates. I watched in misery as my classmates, who I’ve known for the past 9 months, walking out from my life. This would be the last time I see them before I return to Malaysia. Sob, I’m going to miss England.

Since I’ll be stress free for 3 months, here are my plans before heading to Malaysia.

Clean up my room, get rid of all my old junks (got all my old notes into the recycling bin but not my Japanese notes, I’ll preserve them!) *done this*
Extend my air ticket with MAS.
16 Watson Road road trip, probably to Lake District.
Move out from 16 Watson Road on the 30th of June *sob*
One-week trip to Europe on the beginning of July
Abby coming here after Europe trip.
Head down to London for couple of times to attend dining sessions at Lincoln’s Inn
Attend Convocation on 22nd July.
Head back to Malaysia on 24th July. *probably*


12 thoughts on “FREEDOMMMM”

  1. eh? i thought you said not going back to kl?! lucky fker. im stuck here till december man!@# :(bloody hell, chose summer classes over going home!! ;x

  2. god! ;p uve got a lot planned over summer… ru sure ur gonna fit it all in?? :p anyways good ur exams are over, now u can hve some serious fun 😀

  3. haha good ah! lets all go bek malaysia..dion has to stay back in canada, mwahaha! have very fun summer holiday 😀

  4. fark joo di0n, haha… gay is ur first, middle and last name :Ddont include me into this mess u got urself into, lol

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