Lately, when I close my eyes, I see…


They’re everywhere!!

But the sight of them lined up neatly on my stamp book and the colours of it, is just too orgasmic!!

I have been on a stamps shopping spree lately. Stamp collecting has always been one of children’s favourite hobbies. However, most people lose interest in it when they grew older. I on the other hand, restarted my passion when I was in England.

Some people might find this hobby childish but it is a worldly recognised hobby, post offices around the world has a department dedicated to philately! Well at least this is a legitimate hobby. A friend of mine collects different kind of ecstasy pills he could get. I wonder if he is still around, hope he is not on the death row.

I saw the news on the oldest postcard in the world, it was first used in 1840 and it is now worth 20,000 pounds!

If you have any unwanted stamps collection and wishes to dispose them off, please give it to me!! I’ll trade it with eumm.. my collection of Melbourne Shuffle videos. Anyone?

New stamps that i bought.

Lord of the Rings stamps from New Zealand..OOOOOOoOOooohhhhhh

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation OOOOOOhhHHHhHHHhhhhh orgasmicc…

21 thoughts on “Philately”

  1. i used to love stamp collecting alot. favorites are those with gold/silver queen’s head at the corner. and australia/new zealand stamps. canadian ones are pretty too.

  2. Gavin: burnt??? wtf??rav3r: oooo i have them too!! 😀 😀 😀 frank: wah rm5000? sure bo? sell @ ebay la hehehe

  3. OU SICKO!i have a 1943 malaya stamp somewhere.but because i don’t get orgasmic looking at stamps, i now do not know where i have misplaced it. pfft, i used to collect stamps as well!

  4. i collect HK comic books…hehehhe…My Fung Wan first issue(HK edition) is worth RM5000 now. muhahahahha

  5. hey, i’ve got those LOTR stamps too… cost me quite a bit. :S now i am back, really must stop converting everything into pounds and thinking it’s cheap. btw, the write up about s’wak was really funny… but then, being s;wakian, i think i am way biased.

  6. jasmine: wow! it’s been months since i see you commenting. what happen to your blog? are u gonna do clp? 😀 fer: kekek thanks thanks!! buttshaker: since you’re in UK, try buying those england stamps, they rocks man 😀

  7. hey… i have a whole BOXFUL of stamps that my grandmother used to collect from all over the world… most of ’em are from UK. some from trinidad & tobago and weird ass places… And some are fucking leet, they have awesome modern cartoons on them, very Disney-like, from england.jealous? muahaha…. maybe we can trade 🙂

  8. tt: wah!! thank u thank u! what do u want in return? :DJOYCE!!! I WANT!!! I WANT!!! BUT TRADE? MMM.. BUT I LOVE ALL MY STAMPSSSS EQUALLY!! can buy from u ah? hehe

  9. louyau-mike: oic..then i think its better for u to dispose those stamps to be rather than letting it rot in your house. hehe

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