Couple of months ago, my colleague mentioned a plant by the name “man chou” in another words, mosquito repelling plant. I was immediately interested with it as my house is mosquito infested. Further, my neighbour’s garden is a bloody mini jungle.

So today, I bought the so-called mosquito repellent plant from a nursery. It has a strong distinctive smell, which I think that will repel the mosquitoes.

I did a little research on the internet and found a website, which rebuts the myth that the plant doesn’t work as a mosquito repellent. However, after hearing stories about how her uncle successfully repelled all the mosquitoes at his house, I was convinced. Further, i heard that Singapore Night Safari breed these plants in order to ward off mosquitoes.

It’s better to have few plants around the around. My colleague said that we could grow them easily by cutting off the stem and plant it on another pot. Will update as soon as I see the results!

Btw…mmmmm… I wonder if i could smoke it..hmmmm…

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5 thoughts on “Geranium”

  1. apparently it works la. my aunties who went to cameron the last time purposely lugged the plan all the way from the highlands. crazy! i had to bear with the smell and almost fainted from the suffocating smell. luckily i didn’t puke into my shoes or something like that. blergh.
    if you go to pharmacies and ask for mosquito repellents, right..the spray/cream would smell just like that plant. don’t believe me, go ask. *hee hee*

  2. funesx: welcome~diehardz: i think u can get them @ sibu la. its quite popular one. try head down to the nearest nursery. frank: i gotta let it grow first.. then after that i can cut out the stem to grow it ..kerhoong: thank uuu beauutifull 😀 ferker: yyaya it smells exactly like that. butthen the article said the plant has only like 0.something percent of a chemical which is used to make the repellent!

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