Phranang Temple @ Krabi

At Phranang beach @ Krabi, there’s a small temple which has hundreds of wooden phallus. Some are as tall as 5 feet, some are so thick that the only living thing would use it is a female elephant. Also, some are so small that you could just pocket them home for personal use. It is said to be offering to the sprit of Phranang who resides in the cave.

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25 thoughts on “Phranang Temple @ Krabi”

  1. bimbobum: what for i go and worship penis la. i got one myself.
    fank: bimbobum likes elephant sized ones. dont dare to bring back home man, otherwise my boat will sink before i could reach krabi town man.

  2. Wat if she’s not law educated ?? u’ll change ur mind la??
    Got cha!!!wakaka…
    Morning crew should pick u man !!

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