Shogun, One Utama

Once upon a time, the crew and friends went to Shogun Japanese Buffet.

There are a lot of food there..SO MANY!!!! I wished that i took a photos of all the food but i was too busy eating.

some of my food
This is what vegetarian eat in Jap Buffet

Doesn’t look yuck to me at all…
Dessert looks good though….

Everything went well until….

I found a hair in my noodles.

wah…damn long!!! somemore got colour one!!! YUCK!!!
Hence, I complained to the supervisor but he said :-
“Oooh…It’s the customer’s hair. You know lar, a lot of people walk around. Maybe their hair drop in”
Knn, coffee shop has so many customers too la. I don’t see hair in my Wantan mee also. EXCUSES.
In order to pacify us, he said :
“Nevermind, i will change the whole tray of noodles.”
Fuck la, i was hoping for a free meal. Hence i decided to make a fuss out of it. I wrote :-

Note to Bimbobum: Wah…you have shiny fingernail.
I told the Counter about the hair in my food. For some reason, the person manning the counter didn’t seem to understand why am i so angry. FUCK!!! I just found hair in my food, you FOOL!!! Give me free food or a huge Discount!!! He said that he could not make a decision hence he called his supervisor over. Yes, the same poker faced Supervisor. The supervisor said :-
“But sir, i changed the whole tray of noodles already.”
“I found hair wor. At least you shoud give me a discount”
“This is our offer price already, sir.”
FUCK la, You (the supervisor) lucky i was in a good mood that day because CNY holiday was around the corner. The other crew members and friends decided to let it go as well.

poor dessert, no one wanna eat it after seeing that hair
Overall, we had a good time but i would not be going to Shogun for a long time because of the stupid HAIR incident.

from L to R : Hazel, me, Cheng Leong and Sharon
Behind the Camera: Bimbobum

32 thoughts on “Shogun, One Utama”

  1. frank:haha..poor thing..go in d morning next time so less ppl would haf walked past it??btw, their unagi rawks!!
    honfaai:rm50 for dinner buffet

  2. frank: In this land to find any hair…cockroach…its legs…insects..stone..sand in ur food are so common, and they seriously think an apologize can settle and it is not a big deal…!-_-

  3. if everybody place a piece of hair inside the food and get discounts then the restaurant chap lap long time ago lerrr

  4. Lunch time buffet is RM36…
    Jinhan: if every restauraut has hair in their food, they deserve to chap lap.
    yvonne: or..bimbombum could be xes’s alter ego. (just like ppl thought i am xes’s alter ego last time)

  5. frank, perhaps e training of a lawyer made u go so fanatic about e hair.
    as u know in m’sia, finding hair (n other items) in dishes is veli common & getting full compensation frm it is almost impossible.
    i mean u have a choice not 2 go there anymore if e hair is bugging u all e time. 🙂 come on, it is just a hair & it wun b there all e time. if it does, i’m sure there wun b much customers left. u r just unlucky 2 get e portion with it on. 🙂
    i had same experiences with wat u (hair, cockroach leg) had but i went back 2 e place 2 eat again becoz e food is great. i went back becoz i surrendered 2 e fact dat:
    1. the food preparation in m’sia is nvr veli clean n top class
    2. u r really unlucky if u get e portion with hair, cockroach legs on

  6. it’s JUST a hair???
    that’s the problem with malaysian’s mentality. if everyone thinks the same way and just accepts it without making any complaints or fuss AND continue goign back to the same place…. (sigh….), then Malaysian restaurants and their cleaniness will never improve..

  7. this is becoming a debate 😛 woot woot. im teh judge baybeh! defendents and prosecutor, take ur place 😀

  8. i can accept it if i pay RM3.50 for wantan mee in a coffee shop and i find hair in it. The furthest i will go is to ask for a new bowl of wantan mee. But i bloody pay RM35 in posh japanese buffet and i ate Noodles with hair. That is completely unacceptable. Anyone will make a fuss out of it. Imagine an expensive meal with hair. Put yourself in my shoes and i bet you will be as furious as me. As a consumer with a leveled mind, you will want to ask for a free meal or at least a discount and a big apology from the management staff.

  9. aiyak, and i sommore thought that this is a japanese buffet worth going to….
    where’s good and value-for-money ah actually….

  10. ah? not ok la. i heard the legend hotel and PJ hilton one good? i haven’t tried the one at legend hotel, but pan pacific KL’s was alright. they had oysters =) but no unagi, tho. =(
    wah, hungry lor.

  11. this is not going to stop me from ‘paying’ them a visit when i kams bek..
    hopefully they dun increase their price by then

  12. Its just a hair only. Yes, you feel gross. But that doesnt mean you can get the whole thing free meal. You can report to them, and they will know and improve their meals. That’s it.
    Well i guess if you are given a free meal because of that, you’ll come back right?

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