Pontianak story II

Hatim: “Hey I read about your highway ghost story on your blog. My friend had the same experience as well!”.
Me: Oh what happened?
“He was driving along the highway, then he smelled something flowery. He looked at his back seat from his mirror and saw nobody…then he looked at the bottom of his backseat…and he SAW…
Then he turned back, looked down and saw a child between his legs…”
Me: SHIT!!!!

12 thoughts on “Pontianak story II”

  1. OMG….. i’ll get stoned, keep on driving and driving and driving. Too freak out to do anything. And the worst thing is, it’s at between the legs! OMG!

  2. ngaiti..no wonder those ah beng even put the flouracent tube IN their car, tint their glasses and get really sohai sound system..no wonder..

  3. leongs just read abt ur encounter…i told u right dont wear ur frangipani perfume so kow kow right….see now u almost pissed ur pants thinking it was something else!!

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