Mysterious SMS

Recently, (read: few years ago) I received a rather peculiar SMS which goes like this:
If u read this msg. u owe me a kiss,if u delete u owe me a hug, if u save, u owe me a date, if u reply u owe me all, if u ignore u’re mine! So, what will u do? heheheheh
**roll eyes while thinking who’d be so free to send such nonsense*

Initially, my mind went blank. But, being the mischievous teenager then, I decided to FORWARD it to my friends. Now, what does that amounts to?
I do not know – neither was it mentioned!
AHAHAHA..I can’t help feeling so intelligent sometimes! You should too if you would have done the same. =D
*give yourself a pat on your shoulder and put on a million dollar smile. You deserve it**
Now, to answer why I categorised it as mystery?
Well, the sender never revealed who he/she is. Apart from that, did he/she actually miss me so much as to give me so much* missed calls?
Oh well, I’m not that intelligent after all, huh?
Anyway, if not for the credit balance left on my handphone, I’d like to send this message (below) via sms out to some of my friends. Please allow me to add that the current credit amount left on my handphone is NIL besides being BARRED.
Dear God, pls make sure all those people who don’t care to call or sms me lose their handphones. Amen…
p/s: My birthday is nearing. I find the Motorola RZR V3 rather sleek… *winks**

23 thoughts on “Mysterious SMS”

  1. hMMmmMMmmmm….i will call the person with public phone and pretend to be polis and say, “Hello, apa khabar, saya diberitahu bahawa anda yang menggunakan nombor ini sedang mencari masalah kerana pengguna telephone telah melaporkan ini kepada polis. Jika anda didapati bersalah, boleh membawa hukuman penjara dan denda di bawah akta 75/4b (simply say one lay man knows these anyway). HEheheh

  2. wif d sender’s num shown.. hav u no idea who it’s after all? cud it b some secret admirer? *nyek nyek.. go top up d credit then rang back.. aren’t u curious to find out who it’s? ahem* try visualize.. cud be some angel-faced gal.. nah.. cud b some crooked teeth, poked-faced…

  3. karheng: muahahAAHAHAA.. KOYAKlah your BM!
    skategal: Haiyor, with my ltd credit, I rather not.. Hmm..u have a point! Darn, wasted the opportunity!
    Anyway, I prefer guys with more guts.

  4. GAMBs, 3g phones are not suitable to the 2.5g network in Malaysia. My 3g phone KO because of the difference in many things, thus my 2.5g kinda suffocated my 3g phone.

  5. “Friendship is like peeing in yr pants.Everyone can see it but only u can feel the true warmth of it. Thanks for being the pee in my pants =)”
    These kind of sms…don’t know whether if I should say thank you or feel disgusted.

  6. WAHahaha..wan san u!..cheapskate……..
    all the MAY babies …
    kh u so free ah to call back the person

  7. GAMBs: 3G phones? Smartfon? Ahh..u’re spoiling me with choices now!!
    karheng: fuiyoh! Expert in handphones now huh?
    Julz: Those friendships are definitely not worth keeping! Hahahaa..
    JolingX: aww..u remembered my b’day. Thanks for NOT being a CHEAPSKATE friend to me.. When is my b’day prezzie parcel arriving??
    =O I’m so touched!

  8. at first when i saw the ad on tv, its rather cool too.. but after seeing the real stuff, its quite dissapointing.. its sleek, but rather broad.. i think the sony k750i is a bomb 😀

  9. julz: that is very creative wah…I can never think of this kind of sms..creative, cheesy but yet disgustingly sweet.
    JolingX: Jo Jo, Wan san dun wanna give me her birthday persent to me as my birthday present because she dun love me. *sob* *sob*
    honfaai: does it have bluetooth?

  10. alamak! One say it’s not good, one say it’s good..honfaai or Dan – Dan or honfaai? I dunno who to listen to!?!?!??
    *argh~ Dilemma!**
    rych!! mmuahahhaa..true oso huh!?!?
    frank: u oso dun lup me~~ u lup jojo oni mar.. hmph*

  11. GAMBs, z1010 is capable, I was using the NEC e616 which was problematic. It didn’t help that i used 3g functions on 2g also i think..that’s probably why..hehehehehe…Try limiting ur z1010 to just calls and sms..and u’ll be fine i guess…
    eheheh wan san… it is a nice phone. My friend has it ma…i play with it before also…quite sturdy. Well then again u dun pay 2.6k to own a phone for nothing right?

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