Popiah Eating Competition

Friends in my university would know me as a big eater. My diet went out of control in England and I eventually turned into a fatty.
Couple of months back, our firm’s sports club organised an event called “Popiah Eating Competition”. The competition has two main stages i.e. popiah making and popiah eating. There were four teams and I partnered another colleague to be part of the two men team in the popiah eating race.
We were given 10 minutes to finish as much popiah as we could.
I wasn’t confident in winning the competition as I’ve stopped eating a lot and went on a controlled diet. We faced stiff competition from another team which had one member who could swallow a popiah at one shop. Fortunately, his team member had trouble coping with him and ended up barfing everyone out.
My team mate and I took our time and eventually won the event with 13 popiahs – a popiah a head from the 1st runner up.
After the event, I went home and had dinner. 😀
Our ability to finish 13 popiahs were recognised couple of days ago. We were given a trophy!

3 thoughts on “Popiah Eating Competition”

  1. Wahahaahahaah! Liddat osso can. You better Pushmore moreeeeeee arrr! HOw to climb the routes in Krabi if like thissss???

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