Postcard from Australia


I received a postcard from Australia. Sender is unknown.


Thank you for the postcard! I’ve no idea where you got my address from but I guess you bought shuffling CDs from me. However, it’s a little bit worrying to know that some readers here have my address.
Anyway, thank you for your support! Really appreciate it!

27 thoughts on “Postcard from Australia”

  1. hahaha..die mysterious stalker from OZ summo..:P
    In hollywood pun stalker comes from their own country, but yours..6,000 km away tuu..
    you should be proud dude! you’re the boss kan?

  2. its from me la.. wuhahaha.. KEEP IT UP, FUCKER 😛
    actually i wanna replace the FUCKER to GAY, but then scare chuin pou 😛 my handwritting nice or not

  3. dilirius: yeah la. initially i tot i was gheyvintan butthen i compared his writing with the one in the postcard..doesnt look like his writing
    peggy: yeah yeah it was nice of him!
    Sui Lin: yeah lor
    honfaai: tiu nai seng how did u get my address? blardi stalker wei u hehe. initially i tot some real australian mailed it butthen some how the words ‘keep it up fucker’ sound so Malaysian.
    sillywabbit: mahai rm10? at least rm100 la, then share 50/50

  4. Hahaha it doesn’t have to be from the Grampians. From the looks of it, the handwriting is a female’s and it’s probably someone commissioned by a person you know to send it to you. The words keep it up fucker sounds like a friend of yours who just stays in Melbourne who bought a postcard from the Grampians.
    Judging from Sui Lin and Gavin’s posts’s definitely from someone they know! Hahaha..

  5. karheng : whoaa…you’re so analytical here. you have exerted some skills that i must acknowledge. a female? must be some hot chick!

  6. lol.. whenever there’s a will, there’s a way la dude 😀 HA HA HA HA..
    ps: or the sender could be from sexxor himself. a way to freshen things up here and to bring in some fresh air 😀

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