Boy and Girl

I met up with HC for dinner in Subang Jaya. After dinner, we went for a drink in Darulsalam to catch up and also because HC wanna check out college girls (ok lar, i wanna check them out also). While we were catching up, one of his friend and a girl came over. The girl was the one HC tried to introduce to me in the “Huh?” post. If my lousy memory serve me right, her name is Sabrina. =P
Anyway, HC’s friend asked HC whether or not he can keep Sabrina company for awhile because he was gonna go for a meeting. HC refused to do that. When HC came to sit down…
me: Eh, that is the girl that you tried to introduce to me right?
HC: Ya, but u act sohai-ly (stupidly). You want her to come over or not?
me: eeer…ok.
HC smsed his friend. He told his friend that the girl can come over and join him if she is bored (i think). A few mins later, the friend messaged him back. The sms went like this…
“She is mine!!! If your friend is interested in her, ask him to go ham 7 (suck cock) lar”
Wah!!! So damn protective even before the girl become his girlfriend. =\

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  1. tsk tsk. bad boy frank. we as legal professional should teach our young readers legal jargons. not sohai or ham 7. kekekke knncbb!!

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