Pre-Glow 2

I dropped by Forum to check out Glow 2…
I was there at about 2PM and many people were there already. Everyone seems to be well dressed for it. I was dressed in shorts and slippers. How awkward.
Hayden’s been very busy. He’s been giving out interview to all sorts of media, i.e. JUICE magazine, FHM magazine, Channel V and so on. He’s a super star now! hehe
Here’s a sneak preview of the place. See you guys there tonight!

The place.

DJ Console.

Merchandise for sale..

The people

9 thoughts on “Pre-Glow 2”

  1. janejane: ja~~ isyoni ikimasyou~~~ demo janejane wa mareshi ni iimasen πŸ™ daijoubu~ kongo ni isyoni ikimasyou~~
    tracy: hehe thanks! u should have went πŸ˜€

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