Court Attire

In Malaysia, our law profession regulates itself by imposing rules and regulations.

One of them is court attire. Our Legal Profession (Ethics and Etiquette) Rules provides that all lawyers who are appearing in court be dressed in black and white (although some dark colours are allowed).

Although some laymen will mistake us for waiters or salesmen, this rule must be strictly complied. We can’t wear anything fancy in court as well. Any Doraemon or Simpson characters on our clothes will end with us being thrown out of court.

As for hairstyle, it seems that the rules are pretty relaxed. I’ve seen blonde lawyers appearing in court. I’ve also seen male lawyers with long hair appearing in court.

But as for earrings, I’ve not come across any rules prohibiting it.
Despite attending court almost everyday, I have not removed my earlobe piercing till date. I had it since year 1999.

This picture was taken 2 years ago.

Few weeks ago..

I appeared before a judge.

It was done in chambers (in his room) with another fellow opponent.
I was staring into blank space while my opponent was submitting his case..then suddenly..


He almost stood up in anger.

I immediately grabbed my ear, with my eyes opened wide with shock.

I said…

“NO, I’m not wearing any”.

It seems that the hole on my ear looked like an earring. Thank GOD I
removed it before going into court!

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