Prime Minister’s wife dies

The Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood died at 7.55 am today at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Putrajaya after fighting a long battle with cancer. Endon, 64, breathed her last about 18 days after returning from treatment for breast cancer in Los Angeles, United States. Read more about it here.

I heard this breaking news from my colleague when i came into the office. My first reaction was “Shit! Will there be any impact on the economy?.” After a few sip of coffee…”Ah, no la.”

The PA came in angry.

“WTF!!! How come the radio play Dumb Ass music? MY FM (Local Chinese Radio Station) was braodcasting an interview with Andy Lau (A Famous HK star)!! tiu nia sing (Fuck) i am going to call MY FM to ask!”

She then went on to dial MY FM’s number franticly. After 10 mins, finally she got through…

“Allo, MY FM? Why you cut off Andy Lau’s interview? What? Who die? Oooh, she really die this time? ooooh…so how many days are you gonna this kind of sad music? 3 days ar? Then what about Andy Lau’s interview? ooooh….”

She then came over my place,smiling,

“I just spoke to the DJ. Damn! his voice was sexy.”

/me roll eyes

Later in the Afternoon, a lot of people was speculating that Friday will be declared a public holiday. Then rumours started to spread that Monday will be declared public holiday instead because Selangor is having public holiday on Friday. Suddenly, eveyone over the nation is in holiday mood. I called a lawyer in KL asking whether or not that lawyer can mention (a court process where your file will be called up in court to make sure that all cause papers are in order.

Then, the court will fix a hearing date. In my view, this process is the mother to the problem of court backlog.) on behalf of my firm for a case on Monday.

Lawyer: ah, no la. Monday case not going on la because it’s public holiday.
me: How sure are you?
Lawyer: My clerk said so.
me: I call the court, they say it’s going on.
Lawyer: Aiya, the court clerk always say case is going on la.
me: but what happen if it goes on and no one is there?
Lawyer: I guarantee you that Monday is a holiday.

Stupid bitch!! Use your brain a bit la!!! Pak La never declare any public holiday when his mother pass away, why would he declare a public holiday when his wife pass away. AND the newspaper confirm that Monday is NOT a holiday. Read this

Lucky, my senior agrees to run two courts on Monday.

Anyway, would like to send our deepest condolence t o Pak Lah and his family. May the soul of Datin Seri Endon Mahmood rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “Prime Minister’s wife dies”

  1. frank, it’s not ‘tiu ni nya Seng, it’s ‘tiuniasing’. and it’s not ‘Pak La’. it’s ‘Pak Lah’. are you from china, ah pek?. you’re definitely not malaysian.

  2. Do you think its weird? Once Pak Lah is a PM so many bad things had happen to him.. his mom died and now his wife… later whose turn?
    He had a bad karma. wonder what he had done..mmmh!!
    Zafar Baba died too right..
    “Mou gam tai ke tou, chau mou tai kam tai ke mou(hat)” (If you don’t have big head, don’t wear so big hat)

  3. vertu_licious: it’s not Zafar, it’s Ghafar. What is wrong with young malaysians these days?. sigh…
    gguni: it’s not condolenses. it’s condolenCes.

  4. eh my company declared holiday on friday, but i believe its not because of the PM’s wife, some muslim occasiona, applicable for selangor only.

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