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If you remember my blog entry on whether to get a Myvi, Proton Saga SE or a Suzuki Swift, I have made up my mind.

Thanks to my 7K payment from Nuffnang, I finally could afford a new car. I traded my 10 years old Proton Satria for a Proton Saga SE (special edition) recently. It was recently launched and the newest batch has just rolled onto the streets. It only comes in 2 colours, red + black or white + black. I chose the former.

I was quite sad to let go of my Proton Satria. It had served me for 10 years. Now I understand that why some people don’t want to sell their old cars.

I bade Mr. Satria goodbye at Seapark’s Proton showroom.

Proton Saga SE is so far so good. The interior is nice – with leather seats. The exterior is also not bad. My dad mistaken my car for his Honda City.

However, I have few complains:

1. The windows at the back seat doesn’t come with powered windows.
2. It doesn’t have automatic lock i.e. The car doesn’t lock until I manually lock it.
3. There is no option to get the air conditioner to blow my feet.
4. The location of the control of the lights and wiper are continental style i.e the control for the lights is on the left while the control for the wiper is on the right
5. There is no buzzer to warn if I forget to turn off my lights.

Because of 4 and 5, I left my car lights on for 4 hours and the battery died thereafter. I couldn’t jump start my car because the battery was absolutely flat and the jump start cable wasn’t thick enough. Kevin was nice enough to help and even sent me home.

On the next day, I got Adrian to help the next day. He came with a battery booster to charge my battery and got the car started in no time!

This little thing called battery booster is a life saver. However, this little thing is not cheap. It can cost up to RM600 per piece!

Note to self: Install a buzzer + automatic lock soon!

16 thoughts on “Proton Saga SE”

  1. ahah I had trouble adjusting to No 4 when I first got my persona, congrats on your new car. Hmm proton could have more stuff to the car, since they call it “saga SE”

  2. Eddie: No problem!

    ST: i traded my 10 yrs old car for about 8k.

    SH: thanks!

    KY: hmm he makes more $ than i do, so i guess bigger car hehe

    Darren: YALOR i’ll dun mind paying extra for it!

    cm: who cares whether you’re getting a waja!

  3. chanced upon your website whilst doing my research on foody roadtrips to MY. and i totally enjoy your posts! i know this is totally irrelevant now but proton??? =p

    I think there is nothing pragmatic about buying cars. its more an emotional thing and if you spend money getting one, might as well get one that gives you the orgasmic ride that’ll give you other worldly returns (the silly grin whilst on the roads) rather than a 4by4 plastic box that jiggles back and forth and chuck the driver out at the end of the spin cycle (as Jeremy clarkson famously said of perodua: its like a washing machine!)

    And volvos are not for uncles: I’m talking C30 here =)

  4. a-hah, i jz get my saga se yesterday. well so far so good , jz unsatisfied the car dun hv auto-lock system. safety 1st mah… ^^

  5. can i know the interest rate now for proton saga MLINE , SAGA SE and PERSONA HLINE ? where can i get lower? which bank ?

  6. bumped into this site while seeking Google-sensei’s advice about myVi & saga 1.6 & seems like found someone who can actually real life experience about it lol…
    what’s the interest rate u’ve got for it?
    P/S: after reading through only i found out that the posts were outdated at least by a year…
    but i thought saga 1.6 SE juz came out few months ago? (o.0)”‘

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