If you have not been following my twitter, these are some pictures you may have missed out 😀

Mr. Blackberry!

Fellow climber Fai likes to smoke at the emergency escape (located at the second floor). To enter the emergency escape, one has to climb out from the window.

Then one day, we decided to lock him out.

One hour later…

Justice for Teoh Beng Hock banner outside the Shah Alam Court.

Cool car belonging to political party PKR. Check out the speakers.

Massive jam @ KL. I see this every weekday @ 5pm to 7pm.

Picture taken to show my client to substantiate my bill. I had to show her that we have done a lot of work .

Coconut Bikini Top!

Kiddos Ride @ Giant, Kota Damansara – get your kid to sit on a remote control car! Rm10 for 30 mins.

I wonder what does honey massage means. Massage with honey or massaged by ‘honey’?.

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