Q&A on Sarawak

I got this Q&A on Sarawak from my sister. Sarawak is one of the 13 State that made up Federation of Malaysia. It is located on the Island of Borneo and is better known as East Malaysia together with Sabah. It has some very interesting facts that might enlighten up my fellow Malaysian on this “backward, and mysterious” state.

Q&A on Sarawak

1. Hey, u s’wak people live in trees ah?
YES, we have elevators too…they’re really an engineering feat cos its not ez to fit an elevator into a tree

2. U guys got electric isit?
Yes…but since cost of transmission is too high due to the geographic barriers..we use independent solar panels and mini turbines scattered all around, they are exactly 30,000 of them!!

3. Over there got wat car?
We ride wild boar. When the plane arrive at the airport, we take our wild boar and ride it all the way to our tree house.

4. Got road mer?
no jus jungle trails and a few roads around town

5. U bidayuh from Sulawesi there ha?
yes we are head hunters. human brain is the best food…

6. S’wak is inside Sabah right?
No, were one state u idiot..sabah is a town in swak

7. Eh?%3

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  1. when i travelled worldwide n so is my mum leading tours around e world, when u said sarawak, nobody knows where e shit u r from, but when u mention sabah, everybody knows where. then, u have 2 say sarawak is e neighbour of sabah. sabah is actually dat DAMN POPULAR becoz e TOURISM is too successful. sabah is e MOST popular attraction place in m’sia IMO. there is no statistic 2 prove tis but when u go there n c how BIG their resorts r, e biggest 1 can accompany 1,000 rooms n e lobby is e size of 2 football fields at least…sutera harbour…then u will assume dat tourism is damn successful there. no wonder people identify it straight away -from south africa 2 e states 2 japan 2 aussie…even my lecturers from yugoslavia knows sabah!

  2. yeah frank. they have beautiful green transparent sea, highest mountain in ASEAN n many many beautiful landscape as well as islands after islands apart from sipadan. i remember i went 2 tis hotspring with a waterfall at e top which is at least 50m tall! incredible.but sarawak has e longest n tallest caves in e world as well as e most unique pinnacles n sea stacks! i guess it is how successful they promote e tourism industry. in tis case, we r far behind sabah.

  3. karheng: I don’t know whether or not the part about the population of kuching is correct or not. I shall check. =)DieHardx: Not enough promotion is all i can say. BTW, some of the waterfall n hot spring is listed in the Guide book. For instance the hot spring that Huai Bin went to the other time, only the local know about it.

  4. dude, same here frank! can we buy it in sibu, sarawak? i wan 2 plan it all over my garden, lotsa mosquitoes at nite! build like a transparent wall around e house compound! actually i heard about tis plant here in s’pore. they use it in architecture design in tropics when they wan 2 open up e interior spaces. but so far no proven reports of its effectiveness.

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