Raj the Mechanic

While driving at 100KM/H at Jalan Tun Razak..
What the..
After signaling frantically, I managed to stop by the side of the road. I got out from my car to find my front left tyre punctured and coming off its rim.
Wasting no time, I took out my rusty tools and my unused jack to change my tyre. Suddenly, an Indian man stopped to check on me. His name is Raj. He works as a mechanic in one of the workshops in Jalan Ipoh.
He offered to help me, with a small sum of RM20, to change my tyre – which I agreed.
Raj was telling me that there are not many honest mechanics around. Just on the other side of the road, he said he saw one mechanic lied to an elderly man that his Honda City cannot be fixed and had to be towed to the workshop because the tyre could not be removed. Raj said that its absolute bullshit and what the dishonest mechanic did was to squeeze more money from the elderly man.
As Raj got my spare tyre out, he realised that it’s flat as well.
Raj: This tyre is flat, did you pump any air in it before?
Me: ooo…shii.ttt..…I’ve never…..
Since the day I bought my car…
Raj: ooo, we can’t use the tyre. We gotta head to the petrol kiosk to pump the tyre!
Me: OK.
Raj: That’s gonna costs you RM60
Me: /(*O*)\!!!
I had no choice but to agree. 10 minutes later, Raj came back with my inflated tyre and proceeded to fix the same.
Minutes later, my car is up and running! Raj packed everything for me and gave me some advice on car maintenance.
I gave Raj a tip of RM10 for his good service.

Raj is on call 24 hours. If you need assistance around Klang Valley, you may call him at 016 637 6574.

10 thoughts on “Raj the Mechanic”

  1. Low: I think I ran oversomething in the office 2 days before the incident. Heard some flapping sound but couldn’t see anything.

  2. how is it that there is a guy around you when u got puncture? waiting for you? sabotage? ambush? hehehe these techniques very common these days, they put stuff on the road to get the puncture. you shld ask the petrol station wats the cause of the puncture, a “misplaced” nail?

  3. Somehow i feel that he probably had a hand in that puncturing of your tyre…many con men around which act innocent….;P

  4. munaks: yeah quite rampant lately man.
    Amos: hahaah
    johnson: ok nxt time i call u!
    karheng: heh, 2 days before the incident i thought i ran over soemthing in the office. i could heard a flapping sound on my tyre but i couldnt determine the cause.i guess the above incident was caused by somethin in the office
    insomnia: aiks. careful man

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