An old love story Part 2

A continuation from ‘An old love story‘.
The girl only went out with the guy one time. But he continued to visit her at the bookstore, trying to convince her to give him a chance. That took a few months. She told me that she had other admirers, and all of them could sweet talk, so she refused to believe the sincerity of this particular guy.
What she didn’t know was that he had visited her family behind her back, and introduced himself to them.
A few days later her father asked her if the guy was her boyfriend. She was shocked and her father told her that he had visited him. (If you can’t guess it by now, she comes from a conservative family and didn’t want her parents to think she was eager to be married off.)
Once again, she felt bad and a little bit touched with his persistence. She started dating him.
But 2 months later, he was transferred to Penang for work. He had just joined the police force back then. Crazy, you’d say, since most of you disagree with long-distance relationships!
The guy put in a lot of effort. Back in those days, he wrote her almost every week. She wrote to him once in a while. Occasionally, they’d arrange to have a telephone chat – she’d have to go to a public phone to call him at his aunt’s house.
Back in those days = 12 to 13 years ago……
It continued for 2 years, until she stopped hearing from him. She tried contacting him but couldn’t. He disappeared for a while.
Then she found out from his relatives that he had just gotten married, to a distance cousin.
She told me that after she recovered from the shock, she realised that she had come to love him then. But with him being married, she backed off. When she finally got in touch with him, he was apologetic, but it was a marriage arranged by his parents.
It took her some years to recover and to fall in love again.

7 thoughts on “An old love story Part 2”

  1. “it was a marriage arranged by his parents.”
    should be chinese gua, but hell, even though it’s arranged by his parents, if he doesn’t agree with it, no 1 can forced him to get married with his cousin wut, what a disgrace…lolz…

  2. /me spits. Useless…have the persistance to go after the woman he loves but doesn’t have the conviction to say no. She’s better off anyway without that spineless sob

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