Hari Raya Puasa is around the corner. While the muslim observe the holy month of fasting, we, the non-muslim benefited from the various food on sell in the Ramadan Bazaar. I think i am the among the few who didn’t visit any Ramadan Bazaar this year. So Sad….
As we (Malaysian) all know, our muslim friends are not allowed to eat or drink from dawn to dusk except when you are sick or…when your (for woman) dai yi ma (dai yi ma is your aunty who is mother’s sister, it is also a Cantonese slang for a woman period. Don’t ask me why they call it that.).
The other day, our indian (oh yea, the hindu will be celebrating depavalli (Hindu Festival of Light) soon) runner bought the whole office, KFC for lunch.
Boss: eh, frank. Go call Kak AW (AW is the Senior Lawyer in my firm) down to eat.
me: huh? She don’t need to puasa (Fast in malay) meh? this morning i saw Ms. W (the Malay clerk) didn’t puasa also.
Boss and the other staff: ….
me: Why ar?
Boss and the other staff:…..
I looked at Master.
me: Why ar
Boss: aiya, because they are having their period la.
me: …. *hide behind my KFC Hot and Spicy thigh*

10 thoughts on “Ramadan”

  1. I’ve asked my classmates before, and their reply were : ” Uzurlah …”..
    ME : Apa uzur? You dah tua ?
    Classmates : Tak bersih lah…u faham?

  2. same for me..my fren told me..if u c a malay girl go tapau fud then u know lar..i was like, how come u know i dont know…i just had McD buka puasa buffet..altho i didnt puasa..

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