Yoyogi Park

Sunday is the best time to visit Yoyogi Park as it will be filled with all sorts of strange people.

We were greeted with the sight of street buskers and performers. There was a group of guys who were performing some sort of comedy. Then the rest were some inspiring singers. They were selling their own CDs and even had their own fan base. Female singers especially, have many fans. We saw this bunch of middle aged men singing along with a group of female singers.

Comedian with 6 packs. Where to find man?

Amoi yang cantik hey! Saya mau kong.. (translation: Pretty singer)

Lost Gaijin in Tokyo

This group of girls has many fans

But some poor singers had no one. They were performing to thin air.

As we went further, we saw tents and stalls filled with hippies, bohemians and Native American Indians wannabes. They were selling many things and even erected a toupee.

One of the funniest people I saw were a bunch of school kids performing choreography dance steps, swinging their heads and bodies left and right. I mean like, dude!! You’re at the wrong place! The last thing I want to see here in Yoyogi Park is Melbourne Shufflers.

We spend some time resting in the park, playing with a self made bow that I found on the grass. We also took a picture of a girl showing off her huge thong.

Thong thong thongg

We saw many foreigners in that park. Some of them were surrounded by Japanese girls. Bastards.

Next stop, Harajuku Bridge. I was told that Sunday is a great time to visit this place as it will be filled with young cosplay and Gothic Lolita girls. They dress themselves like anime characters or in gothic clothes. And boy, they do love being photographed.

The bugger on the right is damn irritating

Few blocks away is Takeshita Street aka ‘Young people’s street”. It’s a long narrow street filled with shops that caters young people. There you can get gothic clothes or cosplay clothes and also a huge 4 storey Hyaku Yen Shop. (100Yen shop).

Takeshita Street @ Night

10 thoughts on “Yoyogi Park”

  1. Whoa, nice shoulders and pecs. I guess in Japan you can cosplay and people would walk past without batting an eyelid. Try that on the streets of KL! Probably get robbed and beaten up 😛

  2. Amos: melb shuffle was an underground dance..now its gone main stream..damn!
    Sheryl: where are u chambering?
    Applegal: actually u can see these kind of people in sg wang, but not so hardcore like the irritating bugger la
    eRic: hehe dont want to corrupt non malaysians la 😀
    Darren: hmmm good idea but how to start? unless we start performing in yoyogi park la heh
    Sharon: what hubbahubba!! ill tell James!
    Lainie: umm yeah she wore it quite high . hehe
    flint: waakaka the guailou was playing that together with breakbeats!

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