Random Babbling File no. 05012006

A New Year, a new beginning. Albeit all the hope that i can have a nice and easy start of the year, i have a very busy and stressful start. So busy that i cannot be arsed to make any new posts. I cannot think of anything interesting and funny to write about. Not even a short 50 words post. I thought of posting some photo sexy hot babes but alas, i have no time to serve porn, i mean the internet. Anyway, i have make a To Do List mentally for what i should do this year.
To Do List
1. Work like a Dog and don’t slack off
2. Better organised in Work
3. Save more money
4. Get a new digital camera (anyone can recommend me a good 4.0 megapixel digi cam for about RM800 or less?)

12 thoughts on “Random Babbling File no. 05012006”

  1. happy new year frank!
    sony cybershot s40 will surely fit ur budget damn nicely. but dun expect too much 4 dat kind of budget. (btw, i am a sony worshipper)
    work like a dog? it is a dog year! LAME…. i thought hardwork is alwiz associated with bees or ants.

  2. ‘serve’ porn?. the sort of english standard of so-called malaysian lawyers these days really baffles me.

  3. Hey, these days u better get 5 mega pixel up. Trust me, I happen to be from a photographer family. I’m serious šŸ™‚
    Check out Canon powershot A610
    it’s semi-professional camera with automatic as well as manual features that you can play with. the lens is great. Good feeling of holding the camera– firm grip with just-right weight (not too bulky and not too light)
    Something to remember, two cameras that give the same megaPixel, do not necessarily give the same photo quality. I’m talking about the color density/ balance, sharpness,etc.
    Let me know if u wanna know more about camera…or photographing technique. More than welcome to hear from u!

  4. Canon Powershot SD300 Digital ELPH
    I think that’s a 4 megapixel. You can always give it to your dear cousin (me) if you bought it and don’t like it LOL.

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