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You know you are a raver when …
… the total amount of sleep you get on weekends is the sum of how many times you’ve blinked since Friday night.

… you grin like a fool whenever you see a commercial for “E News” “E TV” or “E: The Entertainment Network”

… you navigate around the city using service-stations as landmarks

… you can’t pass an empty warehouse, big open field, barn, aeroplane hanger, phone booth, etc, without getting that far-off look in your eyes and saying “Wow, what a great site for a rave!”

… you and your friends hear tumbling noises from the washing machine and all start to argue whether it’s jungle or hardcore

… you have sleeping patterns that would kill normal human beings

… almost every letter of the alphabet has a separate meaning to you

… you forget about your dream of becoming a Doctor and start to wonder what it would be like to be a cartoon character…

… you wallpaper your room with old flyers

… all your friends have names like Gee Wiz, Marko, Angel, Hyper…etc…

… you’ve got a huge pile of dead glow-sticks in your room that you can’t throw away for ‘sentimental’ reasons

… you don’t own a watch, and if you do it’s either edible or has a secret compartment

… you lose 10 kilos in one night and the last thing you think about the next morning is food

… you can live for an entire weekend out of your backpack

… you think perhaps Bill Gates was thinking of something else when he designed the Internet Explorer logo…

… you’re happy when there’s a recession because it means more empty warehouses

… you’ve got so much glowing stuff in your room that you can’t sleep because of the brightness

… you’ve been close friends with someone for weeks without actually knowing their name

… you get home and you’ve got absolutely nothing that you can talk to your parents about from your weekend

… you automatically migrate towards anything fluorescent because you think it might be someone with a glow stick

… you buy clothes based on texture

… you don’t give a flying f **k what you look like anymore and just dance, dance, dance…

… you can stand in front of a 12,000 watt speaker for an hour and be loving every minute of it

… you won’t spend money on things you need, but if someone at a party needs money, you’ll give it to them

… you can wear out a pair of shoes in only a few days

… you can not carry out normal day to day activities without having little lights to play with

… you have a one-track mind, and it goes Boom-Boom-Beep-Boom-Beep-Boom-Boom (or… oountz, oountz, doof, doof, oountz, oountz, doof, doof!)

… you carry enough flashy electronic-things in your bag to light a small city

… when you are driving your car home you feel like you’re in a Video game

… air, water, food, music, little lights… all hold equal importance to you

And lastly, ATTENTION ALL RAVERS! please read this!


Oh and read this too 😀 Zouk in Kuala Lumpur

Zouk KL seems to be the hottest topic nowadays, but I wanna give you guys a different perspective on things…

First off, I’m not a Malaysian & I’m not a Singaporean…I’m a foreigner working in Singapore at the moment. But I spent a lot of time in KL (still do), so I know both clubbing scenes pretty well.

And let me tell you something!!! Singapore clubbing is not a scratch on KL clubbing!!! Whichever magazine you read (Mixmag blah blah), Zouk Singapore always gets a high rating…but just ask yourself, who actually votes for Zouk and why? None of the UK or US people would vote for Zouk obviously coz they’ve probably never been…it’s just the Asians that vote for it…and why? Because there’s a steady flow of international DJs performing. I’ve been to Zouk ONCE..and never gone back since..it’s a pile of shite with a shite-flavoured cherry on top.

Now let me give you an example of why Zouk sucks BIG time. December 2003, world’s number 1 DJ, Tiesto, plays in Singapore for the first time ever, at Zouk. Picture yourself there, and what can you imagine? Thousands of sweaty clubbers reaching for the ceiling chanting Tiesto!?………NO!!!!!! OH NO!!!! OH NO BLOODY NO NOT AT ALL!!!…At 2am half the crowd are standing on the dancefloor sending text messages on their mobile phones!!…brilliant!!!

That just shows you what a bunch of uneducated posing assholes Singapore clubbers are. They dont go to Zouk because they like the music…they go to pose. Full stop. Zouk thinks they have created a culture…and I say…BOLLOX TO THAT!!! Created a culture???? HA! I’ve seen dance cultures before and Zouk is definately NOT one of them…try taking a look at people in the UK tatooing the Gatecrasher Lion on their own asses…now THAT’S a culture.

Oh…I nearly forgot…and what’s Zouk’s most successful night? Mambo Fucking Jambo on a Wednesday night!!!!! Sheer genius isn’t it? What a brilliant dance culture they have! Damn I’m feeling jealous already!

KL, on the other hand, ROCKS!!! The clubbing scene in KL is so exciting. It is still developing fast, and the different types of music being played are in more pure forms. (Singaporeans think that house is techno, rock is rnb and techno is “music with the same beat”)

So I wanna ask all of you…why does KL need Zouk? What makes Zouk think they are so good that they can come over to KL and improve KL clubbing with their club? Atmosphere could piss all over Zouk, along with a load of other clubs in KL…hell, even Beach Club could piss all over Zouk’s Mambo Jambo night!!!

As an outsider to both countries, I think that Malaysian clubber should be insulted that Zouk think they can improve your nightlife with their big pile of shite. It’s gonna fuck up the KL clubbing scene…spreading mambo jambo everywhere…shit man it could be a disaster for KL clubbers. It’s like Bosnia opening up an electronics factory in Tokyo…nobody would give a shit and it would fuck up!!!

Finally…Malaysian clubbing is young, vibrant and full of top-class clubs and REAL talented DJs. I’ve been to many many superclubs around Asia and Europe…KL still shines out from the rest as a scene that is full of passion and open-minded clubbers. So please don’t let arrogant people spoil it for you…YOU ROCK!!!


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  1. Atmosphere could piss all over Zouk, along with a load of other clubs in KL…hell, even Beach Club could piss all over Zouk’s Mambo Jambo night!!! I LOVE THIS ;p

  2. i cant believe u guys actually read everything on this post..it’s soooooooo long 😀 if i were to see this post on somebody’s website, i would ignore it hehe

  3. there’s one thing that zouk sing has whereby msia definitely wouldnt have ….. those ah beng kia dancing ‘saturday night fever’ style. Lol!!they can shake really their body man … haha

  4. haha leong u’re right…i read ur blog everyday but when it came to this wan..i was like “ahhhh too long” didnt read it in the end…so how are u?

  5. “… you think perhaps Bill Gates was thinking of something else when he designed the Internet Explorer logo…”the best quote ever!

  6. don’t think zouk will ruin the clubbing scene here by opening. malaysia clubbing scene is so great because of the ravers, not just the clubs. if the club suck people will just stay away from it, probably like how he said, piss all over it ;). i don’t think just by opening a club, the culture of posing and sending sms-es on the dance floor would be imported here. kl ravers are so much more matured than that.

  7. choon: they can do the ‘sotong’ dance? wow 😀 di0n: i didnt understand that at first..until i saw the logo 😀 nogi: me is goodkekegguni: u going ah?ryuu: ic so when you gonna intro me to your pet sis? 😀

  8. First off, i am a bloody manufactured product of Singapore. And guess what, i know the clubbing scene relatively well too. The only reason ZOUK gets high rating is simply becos’ ZOUK is absolute wicked. Such a sweeping statement from a lawyer who has a groundless base to actually say that ONLY asians vote for them. Ask around and you will realise that ZOUK is the PACHA of South East Asia. Even if its just the asian who voted, isn;t it good enough. ZOUK is not just about International DJ. Listen to BBC Radio 1 and you can hear Aldrin spinning on the airwaves. Most of the residents has play guest to major clubs around the world. REASON=they are on par with top DJs all around. Andrew won a couple of Technics DJ Championship. I suppose all these are not good enough to be highly rated. Then what is??? I never heard anything about KL scene before, does one ever exists? Well, agree that clubbers there don;t really show much appreciation for the DJ, who to blame as we are the working class of the miserable society and never gets to learn what’s like to see a Gatecrasher Lion tattoed to someone’s asss. I guess you will enjoy a more successful career as a psychic than a lawyer. “they go to pose” for lord’s sake. Either you are a club virgin or you really hate Singaporeans. In a club, there only 2 type of people 1)music-lover 2)glam factor..it’s a place to be seen my dear little boy. Anyway, it also shows what an uneducated asshole you are too. Zouk has never created a culture, it merely provide one that has evolve from the 80’s electronica. And what’s wrong with Mambo Jumbo, without NewOrder, Depeche Mode, where do you get your Gatecrasher. With music played in pure form, you might as well listen to Thersa Teng record (no offends..she gt a good voice). Electronics music is about experimenting with new sounds. And Msians think that House is R&B, rock is R&B, techno is R&B. KL doesn’t need ZOUK. ZOuk needs KL to drain those posers dry of their dough. And maybe Zouk can help to bring in some International DJs people there hardly seen. And lastly, i think Malaysian clubber should really be insulted that they are doing nothing to help “stay” in their rotting roots and apparently allow exploitation of their music scene. Open-minded clubbers yeah…tell me more….

  9. dennis please read the post carefully, I DID NOT POST THAT MESSAGE. GOT IT FROM A MESSAGE BOARD. its pretty obvious that i didnt write that because I AM A MALAYSIAN STUDYING IN MALAYSIA (SEE THE RIGHT COLUMN OF MY MAIN PAGE) not an EXPAT WORKING IN SINGAPORE

  10. Yeah Dennis!!Good for you!I’m really sorry to say this guys but Dennis is right!All these comments are on individual looks of life..Some people might not like Msia’s clubbing due lousy clubbers who tried to act cool,some people might not like Spore’s clubbers due too arrogant with their mobile..I clubbed in Spore and frequently travel to KL for clubbing.I must say Atmoshpere is the best club in KL and Zouk is the best club in Spore.Both clubs have different approach for the clubbing scene..So why be so biased?Aldrin is recognised world-wide for his fantastic gigs and that is one of the reason why Zouk is tops!And if you say you are a raver,why be so bother about where you are,who the crowd is,who is spinning?You are there to enjoy the music from the masters!Unless..you are there to see and to be seen….Poseurs!Besides,the clubs are not inviting you to make an entry on their account,you gotta pay for admission.Do Zouk or Atmosphere guards come up to you and say “hey you poseurs,come in free to our club,on my club account!”Do they???No,they don’t! The saying goes,One World,One People,One Music.Le’s all come tgether as one and make our clubbing scene grow! 🙂

  11. long live the person who wrote the original thread, as that is so true!!!!
    go to any techno club in KL, and all u’ll see is sweaty bodies moving to the beat….
    btw, we know what is techno, and what is house, and what is rock, and what is R&B
    please dont try to tell us what we know and what we dont know.
    and btw, the original guy was unbiased, as he is neither m’sian nor singaporean, and he reckons that the singaporeans are the posers.
    so dont fucking come and pick on us malaysians who have the scene down the right way…. instead go break all the singaporeans phones when they pull them out in clubs

  12. yayay… Kl Zouk is Zux….. i jus went there las few week, cos i got invitation of purewhite party there, so v got freen entry, instead of free entry, v still open three bottles, and v jus have only ten ppl, and in da middle of last call in da bar, v wan to bring a fren in, but mother fucker, fat ass bouncer said no… oh shit, is already 2 somethin and v opened three bottle, and my fren nearly wanan fight wit da fat ass…. ZOUK think they r famous and high class, so they fucking lanci huh!!! ZOUK is suck, i rather support Atmos….. AM i rite?

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