if time were not assize..

After lunch with the gang @ Uncle Maverick’s place, I headed down to CLP board to hand up my bank draft. Feeling stingy, I didn’t want to park my car at privatized parking. I found a metered parking by the road side (thinking = yay dirt cheap). As I got out from the car, a young rugged Indonesian kid approached me.

“Berapa jam boss?” (How many hours boss?)

He took out a pen knife and started stabbing the parking meter’s slot. I looked at him in disbelieve. It seems that by doing that, the timer on the parking meter increases.

I got pissed. He has no right to collect money from me. But to be on the safe side (so that the fucker wont scratch my car or puncture my tires), I handed him RM1 and left. If it weren’t assize time, I would have chop off his head.

Upcoming event..

Yes, no weapons (ahbengs and osama bin laden please refrain yourself from bringing any weapons of mass destruction), no drugs (too all junkies, stay clean la) and no under 21 years old (kids please stay home and play with your transformers and barbie dolls)

8 thoughts on “if time were not assize..”

  1. eh..at least the pen knife was for the meter, not you. “Berapa jam lu mau hidup lagi?” *haha*I destroy barbie dolls…because I wanted to be a hairstylist when I was little, who to experiment on if not on the dollies. *evil laugh*

  2. since young i’ve never liked barbie dolls..they look so freaky with their stupid smile….and the barbie doll advertisements on tv actually scare me cuz they do talk….sheeshreminds me of chucky from that stupid show !@#!%$!@$

  3. I used to have one Barbie doll… After some time playing with it, it’s head fell off. Since then, I’ve decided to become a lawyer instead of a doctor.=’S

  4. hehe..i chose incubus over the rave…no $$ to go both :Dooooh i didn’t know it was possible to mess with the parking meter that way….damn, now i’m itching to try it out somewhere!

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