Recharge pres. Revelation 4 @ A’Famosa – 28.10.2006

So this is one event that I didn’t go. Nevertheless, I’ll blog about it.
The event was held at A’famosa Resort about 1 1/2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Loads of open space. Partying under the stars. And with international DJs and great local DJs like Naughty by Nature, Christian Smith, King Unique, Bass Agents & SOUL T

All at only RM35 for pre sale and RM45 on door! Cheaper than going to any concerts in town aa!

Then you have hardcore clubbers like this.

Partying on a wheelchair! Picture by kinkybulufairy. Read her hilarous story here


Everything ended at 1AM.

Malaysia boleh!

13 thoughts on “Recharge pres. Revelation 4 @ A’Famosa – 28.10.2006”

  1. aaronC: AHhaHAha
    electronicfly: shitt.. i’m slow !
    someone u duno: math fail aa?? you’re the 3rD!!
    jinx: hehe nvm, more coming up soon!

  2. ehehe…lucky i din work for this event….or then i’ll be bump..but why 1am anyway?? so early???
    goverment ppl cutting down on entertainment ar??

  3. hey, i saw that guy on the wheelchair!
    i can say that the party was quite suck anyway until Bass Agents came up on stage after 12am!
    can i say that speedzone was better than revelation??? r u guys agree with me? eventhough the space is too small?

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