Gonna Be Crushed Again

An old friend and I got back in touch with each other recently. We tried to catch up a bit online the other day and there was a lot of “laughter”. I mean, you just have to imagine there is real laughter when there’s no webcam or Skype … you know what I mean. ;P
So, anyway, I enjoyed our conversation so much that I didn’t want it to end. He reminded me of the time back in college when we hung out together a lot, and I had a major crush on him. Yup, I am a sucker for charming guys who have the looks, brains and athletic as well …. *sobs* “WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE MEEEEEEE?” I was so tempted to ask!
Heh. Sorry. Anyway, throughout the conversation, the same feelings he stirred in me resurfaced and I really wanted to ask him out, just to try my luck. Since he’s not seeing anyone at the moment. Unfortunately he’s across several oceans, so nothing doing, you know, for the time being.
It’s a weird coincidence that some of my old crushes are within smelling distance again. A few days ago, one of my crushes from last year called me out of the blue for dinner. How could I not say yes?????
I declined, though. Because he’s old news and I’m SO not interested at all.
Then a guy I had a crush on a few months ago has started paying some attention on me. Woohoo, how not to be excited?? I mean, it means … I have a chance, right??
Negativity in me often resurfaces so I KNOW he’s probably just bored and toying with me. Maybe he KNEW I had a crush on him and he enjoyed the attention tremendously. (Everyone craves attention, admit it!)
However, just recently, I developed a crush on my friend’s boss. SCANDAL!! DRAMA!! It’s like, inviting you to BITCH SLAP me for trying to be a tramp and break somebody’s happy marriage or something. Go on, I know you want to.
Rest assured that he’s not married. Yet. Like I said, I’m a sucker for charming guys who have almost everything (my standard isn’t that high, I think) and he’s so attentive like a gentlemen should be, woohoo. How not to like him?
Ahh, forgive this rambling post on a Saturday evening. I hate having crushes because none of them have ever reciprocated. (I think. Let me think … Ok, I’m not very sure, but let’s go with the flow) Sniff. So yes, I’m feeling a little sorry for myself.
Give me some chocolate. It’s better than sex, so they say.

18 thoughts on “Gonna Be Crushed Again”

  1. Applegal: what’s jiwang? ;P i honestly don’t know, sorry. like ‘ah lian’?
    iv’N: you lost to a gal!!!!!! ;P
    s3x + chocolate sauce huh … forget the s3x, man, i’ll just lick the chocolate sauce …

  2. I used to have that kind of crushes too, but mine isn’t as many as yours. I feel you. Now that she’s back for 3 months, I’ve not done anything to get her closer.

  3. bWaHAhAAHha~ i know who you’re referring to!!!!!
    wait, i know all of the guys you’re referring to. muaHahahaha~

  4. rych where’s your music stuff? ;P
    iv’N & Applegal: interesting, i learnt something new. what dialect or language is that, though?
    piffles: shhhhh keep quiet! ;P
    endroo: to be crushed all the time? sniff. i wanna be lurvedddddddddddddd ;P

  5. Oh damn, I know where you are at right now… it feels like I live on that planet permanently, it’s a nasty environment to live in and I self-pity entirely way too much *LOL

  6. bimbo: I guess it’s really hard to be honest right up to them straight guys isn’t it? I pity you. Why were you born a guy?? ;P

  7. OH MALAY AHHHHHHHHHhhh i didn’t know. sorry!
    Skwermy: which planet? desperate to be lurved or too many crushes and none of them feel the same? ;P
    karheng: ya ya, i’m a guy and i had crushes on guys, no wonder they didn’t feel the same issit? ;P

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