Renault F1 Team Pit Party @ Sepang

Since world No. 1 DJ, DJ Tiesto is spinning, Johnson, Cris, Melvin, Ivn and I made a trip to Sepang to see Tiesto spin. This time round, we had no girls in our group. Yeah, it was a sausage crew.
Parking was a breeze. And it was free too. There were few trucks of Luk-luk stalls on the car park as well. Reminds me of my neighbour’s party where he hired Fatman LukLuk to cater for his party.
Everything was smooth sailing. We reached about 10PM, just when Tiesto started.
Tiesto’s opening was superb. He had a lion dance troupe on stage welcoming his arriving. As soon as he pumped the music, fire works lit up.
Video of DJ Tiesto’s opening set

10 minutes later, Cris was sitting down stoning. Johnson was no where to be seen. Ivn, Melvin and I were literally staring at the stage, as if we were attending a concert.

Then few hours later, we were all sitting on the floor resting.

L-R Melvin (behind), Ivn & Cris

I feel so ‘koyak’“, said Ivn
Me: I feel so oldddddddddddddd
Ivn: I feel so oldddddddddddddddddddddd
I think its time for us to retire from the scene..
The crowd was good. All sorts of people ranging from transvestites to some Middle Eastern looking dudes with 3 – 4 bodyguards.
Ping and I saw this transvestite wearing a low cut jeans, so low that you could almost see his underwear sticking out.
Me: So… what kind of underwear do you think he wears?
Ping: EUW!! Don’t want to think about it!
Me: ummm..lacy gstrings…yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Tiesto’s trancy tune was not my cup of tea. Every time Tiesto was about to end a track, I prayed that he’ll play hard house. Of course, that didn’t happen.
Tiesto dropped couple of usual tunes, Love comes again and Traffic. He also had a female MC singing on the stage. And even at one point, he had a troupe of Indian dancers performing traditional dances. Not Bollywood style though.

F1 car on display. These poor girls had to pose for hours..

Liquiding with lights 😀

GBH & Gobi

Cris, Johnson & Shirley

Climbing buddies, Yappie Yap & Adrian
Fireworks were litted couple of times. It wasn’t magnificent though. It seems very low budget. It sounded like those small firecrackers we used to play at home during Chinese New Year.
As usual, the night ended at 3AM. Tiesto ended his set 10 minutes earlier.
I remember when I was at his set @ Cream, Liverpool, he ended his set with one of the most popular track at the time. So this time round, I predicted that he would do the same.
As soon as the crowd cheered for more, the played 2 more tracks to end the night.
Great, great night 😀

23 thoughts on “Renault F1 Team Pit Party @ Sepang”

  1. zhong: AIYOH. krabi as in raileh?? hehehe
    bimbobum: ok lets post would be guess bimbobum’s undies colour. awhhaa
    rych: um it sort of startled me hehe
    glo: heh really?

  2. The MC Singer that you mentioned about is JES. She’s the main vocal behind Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’ and ‘Like A Waterfall’ by Solarstone.
    Great night !!

  3. AH!damm dark , missed everything. juz 2 hour b4 we going there, my driver suddenly gaduh wif his gf o_O…everything screwed up. So juz get to watch F1 the next day. Sial!! girls ..haih…

  4. tristo: no matter if he’s the last or no.1, will still support him..
    PVD..dont really like him..hahahahaha

  5. hahah! i left work at 10.30pm…and complained about the party because they have it at the limo/taxi’s parking place la!!! which is just outside the “normal” parking lot. usually i can turn out in 2 seconds…because of people like LeLong I waited what felt like 10 minutes just to turn out of that junction. tsk tsk! 😛 *hehe*

  6. Slinky: oh yeah thanks! how did u know? i dont remember her introducing herself!
    key: Tee?? whats that? tshirt? tea?
    spclk: wahlao. power!
    julie: aiyoh should be me la hehe
    bosanova: wahlao? that means u didnt get to go in at all??
    tristo: i think im still living in the yesteryear. i posted the ranking somehwere at the website..gotta recheck it! hehe.
    peggy: ilike him too!
    ferker: wahahahahah i like to party at parking centres!
    jac: yeah la didnt see u there

  7. xes: yalah..sial betul…Hey xes, u law student right?? my lil sis curently looking for a good law U’ to study. Gimme ur msn , i’m gonna ask u more if u dun mind.

  8. bosanova: i used to be a law student haha. PM me on my forum for my msn 😀 dont want to post my email here! : p
    darren: yeah man. sigh.i dont want to grow oldddd i want to be a toys r us kiddd
    intan: i also like to party!!

  9. tiesto was damn chun. me n my friends are only 15 and we got in hehehehe! so nice =p. ive visited ur quite alot of time. i think its chun. u all shuffle so pro. me n my friends so fish. hehe

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