results out!

Finally! Good news! I just got my results! This is the best I’ve ever gotten so far. A first class for Japanese For Non Specialist II, a second class upper for Employment Law (unexpectedly, I expected a 2:2) and a second class lower for Family Law (unexpectedly too, I expected a 2:1)! Congrats to Wen Dee. She got a second-class upper degree (unexpected for her too)!

Ok, a little update about myself this week. I’m feeling much better as compared to last week, met up with a bunch of wonderful friends (you guys know who you are), watched 3 movies at Mid Valley in 4 days (getting sick of it now), bought a book called 48 laws of power (it’s for people who wants power, watch power, or arm themselves against power. It has loads of wicked and deceptive ways. Not really my type though) and tried to get myself busy as much as I could. Ah, can’t wait for more good things to come (trying to be optimistic here)!

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