i wanna fuck the british system up the arse

hOOoWaaAhhHh I am back blogging and I am confused as hell. Ok yesterday we got our results and I was in a state of euphoria for a mo to see that I graduated with a second class upper degree. But I was like nO WAy I could have gotten that and furthermore I had no marks for my Corporate Insolvency paper, so itchy butt, I called the university and asked them to check for me. Then after being passed to half a dozen people and listening to the tuneless muzak tinkling in the background as I was put on hold, I was told that there has been a series of result statements sent out in error and mine must have been one of them. They told me that the correct results has been sent out along with a letter of apology from the university. Ok, no problem there, second class lower degree is swell too! 😀

Then today I received the “corrected” result statement which still had nO marks for my Corporate Insolvency paper, nO apology letter and my degree classification is still a second class upper. wtf…. but I am suppose and I aM graduating with a second class lower!!! Quit playing around with my emotions goddamnit… 😛 Altogether now, the british system SUCKS!

Moving on, I was randomly reading a book when I chanced upon an article regarding stone circles. I am sure Leong remember us climbing and walking for miles in Lake District before reaching on top of a hill in Keswick where the Castlerigg stone circle lay. Leong and I even took a picture there sitting on one of the stones with Shane. For most of us it was a disappointment, coz how interesting were a bunch of stones anyway? But reading the article made me regret not bothering too much about it coz that circle of stones have long been a topic of discussion regarding the mystery that surrounded it. That site has shown anomalies of magnetism, gravity and radioactivity that accounts for many psychic experiences that have been reported by people who have visited the circle. The westernmost stone of the 38 stones has shown unusually powerful magnetic properties by twisting a compass needle out of kilter. Weird lights have also been seen and reported throughout the years. There also has been claimed that the stones emit a strange sound at dawn each day. Wah, it would be damn shiok to experience all this kinda stuff while we were there… but they were just a bunch of boring stones really… 😉

And yes, tonite is Irene’s birthday bash 😉 and YES, this time I will bring my camera WITH batteries!!! 😉 Laters all!


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  1. congrats to both of u for getting great results!hopefully ill be blogging the same thing in my blog 2yrs from now hehe

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