RIP little kitten

Recently, 2 stray cats made my garden their home. Then weeks later, 4 kittens were born. Unfortunately, one of them was killed by it own mother while 2 others were missing. Then there was one left. Mum thinks that the remaining one is very cute. Indeed it was. However, the cats were very shy. It would run every time they see us but after we started feeding them our leftovers, it seemed friendlier but not till the extant that we could touch them. So everyday, when I feed them, I would try to pat them. Unfortunately, they ran. But it didn’t dampen my hope; everyday I’ll try patting them.

I was on my way home holding the leftover we had for dinner today. I was thinking of trying to pat the kitten again. As I reach my front gate, I saw a figure lying down on the side of the road. The other cats were surrounding it. I parked my car and walked towards the figure. It was the kitten. A car ran over it.

My heart sank.

Blood was on the road. Her stomach was flattened and blood oozed out from her mouth.

I grabbed the shovel, wrapped the kitten with a dustbin bag, dug a hole and buried the kitten.

I didn’t even manage to give the kitten a name. R.I.P.

P/S 12:30AM: Mama kitten is still outside the house, waiting for her child to come back..

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