this site is rated X!!!

muAHAHahhahAaaa… apparently Tayl0r’s College has banned any of its students from accessing this site!! My sis tried accessing while she was at the library and after 3 tries; the librarian approached her, took her library card and told her to follow her to the office. My sis was like wtf…… Apparently, this site is blacklisted by the college and the librarian gave my sis hell, like as if she entered a porn site or something! hahAHahAHa… she even show my sis the list of sites which were blacklisted and there it was – πŸ˜€ Now my sis is blacklisted. This was at the ADP/TBS library so I dunno abt the main building one. I wonder why they ban this site… we are a bunch of drug-free, porn-free, vulgar-free bloggers, no?

Went for some long awaited retail therapy today and didn’t manage to buy anything besides a suit. This season’s collection is so mundane and hardly inspiring. Wonder if KLCC will have a better collection of clothes and such. Also treated myself to a beauty therapy a few days back and had a pedicure done for the first time. And probably the last. I couldn’t stop laughing!!! And yes, it’s horrible to be so godawfully ticklish… I was laughing so hard when she was handling my toes and feet and probably made a total idiot of myself in the parlour. I wonder if I can opt for the pedicure without the rubbing, massaging or any contact whatsoever with the feet… just the nails lady, just the nails…

And yes, before I forget – TUCKS!! Remember you asked me to save some mooncake for you till you get back? I was disappointed when I discovered that my mum gave away all our mooncakes but she surprised me today by buying 2 mooncakes – a lotus and a pandan, both with double yolks, JUST for you, Oon and Meng!! My mum is cool, huh? She was like “When they come back, ask them to come over to eat, ok??” Let’s hope the mooncakes can tahan in the chiller, waiting for you guys to be back in November. It would be kinda surreal to eat mooncake that old, huh? See, MORE reasons for you guys to come back faster!!!! FASTERRR!!!!! πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “this site is rated X!!!”

  1. haahha…leg massage is de best man….. dem shiok!!! means u cant go for reflexology….which padicure u did u go to anyway? i did mine in centrepoint and they are good!

  2. bushhh: yeah, she tried some reflexology action on me and i almost died. i went to the centrepoint one before (if its the same one ur talking abt) and i wasn’t too happy with the service (da girl gave us period face)… went to Hairitage hair saloon in Tmn Mayang (or was it Megah?) this time round.. πŸ˜‰

  3. I want Dee’s super step massage..shiok until can schweeet of ur mum to save the mooncakes..schweet like ferrari’s weekend at monza.

  4. How did Taylors even come across this webbie in order to ban it in the first place? Hmm … weird. Anyways, can mooncake last THAT long? Won’t it be as hard as a rock if you leave it in the freezer?

  5. i guess we are trying our luck to see if the mooncake can tahan till then… :D*mental note: put disclaimer before they eat – “in the event they lau-sai…”

  6. chuoming: dunno why.. maybe coz we posted ur picture-hor? πŸ˜› :Dbushh: i tink the one in ttdi near IBM is one of the cheaper ones, not too sure abt service and end-product tho!

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