RM 1 Coin Cease to be Legal Tender on 7 December 2005

Effectively on 7 December 2005, RM1 coin will cease to be legal tender and may no longer be used for any transactions.

I am keeping all my RM1 coins. It would be a great memorabilia and probably worth a small fortune many years later 😀

So Long RM1!!

8 thoughts on “RM 1 Coin Cease to be Legal Tender on 7 December 2005”

  1. *shy**
    the last time i remember seeing RM1 notes was like more than a decade ago and it was duly replaced by coins.
    I was so happy then cos my mom would give me RM1 instead of 50 sen as pocket money.

  2. i kept about 5 rm1 coins. was abit heart broken when i found out that the rm1 coins would cease to be legal tender few months ago. when i was younger, i use to find rm1 coins appealing compared to the rest because of its GOLD and shiny surface 😛 so long, rm1 *sob sob*

  3. xes: oh my god. now that u mention that. how can i left that out? 🙂 yea. those were the days. though u win rm20 but actually put in about 40-50bucks, but the thought of winning is GREAT! 😀 im gonna miss RM1 alot.

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