Random Babbling File no. 7122005

One day, my friend asked me What is the Female version of Dick, Tom and Harry? *Scratch head* Is it Marry, Jane and Susan? Because it kinda rythme and it is quite easy to say.

What about the Malaysia version of Dick, Tom and Harry? “Rub Chin* I think it should be Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu because those are the 3 most common name seen the Malaysia School Textbook.
What about the Malaysia Female Version of Dick, Tom and Harry? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…i have no idea.

13 thoughts on “Random Babbling File no. 7122005”

  1. wasnt it Tom, Dick and Harry? πŸ˜› btw, i think the female version is just Plain Jane :X no offence sexx0r :X Malaysian Female version should be siti i think πŸ˜€
    my .02

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