Road Rage

What is ‘road rage‘? There is no fixed definition, but the mere acknowledgement of the phrase brings to mind what YOUperceive to be road rage.
It usually involves aggressive behaviour on the road and an act of violence, but does the intention to cause hurt become an important element to be considered?
Rude gestures, insistent honking, tailgating, and running other drivers off the road are a few examples. Should you be in the position of the victim, you’d be pissed mad, right? But what gives YOU the right to be the bully, then?
AAM merely explains road rage as “an incident whereby a motorist makes another motorist angry. An angry driver, when provoked resorts to violence.”
It could be classfied as a mental disorder in the United States, they’re still deliberating on that.
Sometimes I think it boils down to stupidity and the low IQ the driver has. Sure we get angry whenever some idiotic driver before us drives at 10 km/h when we’re in a rush, or cuts into our lane and almost driving us off the road in the process.

A colleague and her husband were victims a week ago. While driving along a straight road, a Pajero came swerving into the lane from the left that caused my colleague and her husband to move into the right lane just a bit, just to be cautious. Because of such dangerous driving from the Pajero driver, her husband gave a honk, just to let him know that it was just crazy driving.
What the Pajero driver did was he stopped the car by the road side, and (stupidly) my colleague and her husband stopped the car, too. The driver got out of his car, and my colleague’s husband got out of his car and approached the driver.
What happened next was a bit of a blur. The Pajero driver opened the passenger door of his car and took out a plank and started hitting my colleague’s husband on the head. My colleague immediately got out of the car and tried to defend her husband, but was pushed in the process and got herself bruised.
The Pajero driver’s wife?
She continued to sit in the car, oblivious to what was happening. (F*cking high on drugs, I’d say. Which stupid woman allows her husband do cause injury to others? One who probably does the same to housewives at markets while haggling over fish, chicken and vege?)
When it stopped, the Pajero driver kept the plank back into his car and drove off. My colleague and her husband went to make a police report. So happened that the Pajero driver made one, too. He claimed it was SELF-DEFENCE. (Hello, is there something wrong with the picture here? Who should be the one claiming self-defence?)
The Pajero driver’s wife then ‘apologised’ to my colleague, “SORRY AH…” like a typical ‘ah lian‘. Was that even sincere? Geeeez.
The worst stories I’ve ever heard are of motorists breaking the car window with their helmets and bashing the drivers. I saw it happen once, right on the busy street of Jalan Ampang. What the f*ck is wrong with these people? They exude such evil and anger that they HAVE to let it out on other drivers!
How not for parents to fear for their children’s safety, those who come over to metropolitan KL to further their studies.
Even I fear for my safety when I driving back late at night, and I see Mat Rempits hogging the highway. I always pray that I won’t accidentally get on their nerves by driving too fast or too slow that they’ll decide to pick on me.

20 thoughts on “Road Rage”

  1. eeeks! nasty stuff.
    and why would your colleague go against someone with a plank? didn’t he have a steering lock or something?
    not that i’m provoking violence, just saying coz, you don’t go against someone with a weapon when you only have your bare fists! (unless you’re taekwando black belt 3rd dan or something)

  2. 4th!!
    Hrmm, the Pajero Driver must be some “Tai Kor”(BIG BROTHER) that rushing to some place to “pek yau”, then so happened that ur colleague’s husband Honked him and made the “Tai Kor” anger going to burst, then he stoped his car at the road side and released his anger by whacking ur colleague’s husband, but the “TaiKor” damn smart oso, know how to made police report and claims that it was “selft-defence”. the “EDUCATED TAIKOR” LMFAO

  3. Malaysia is not the only country to have road rage. Even the west has plenty of cases like this. This is an inevitability considering the amount of stress people have to put up with on the roads (and probably in life too). And once people lose their temper, they lose control of all their senses. Only thing you can do is to avoid getting into trouble.
    Or get yourself a boyfriend with a 10th degree black belt in Taekwando 😛

  4. Fight happen everywhere around the world. In Malaysia, ppl fight for some “stupid” reason. But lets look at Iraq. Ppl die for “no” reason due to bombing. scary.
    in modern days, kung fu, karate & taekwando are not the best solution to protect yourself against bullies. u can be a boxing champion holding some IBF heavyweight championship belt but what if u r attack by more than 3ppl with parang?? unless u r holding a machine gun, if not… u better run away.. or best, avoid it.

  5. i got blue belt in taekwando, who wants to be my biatch?
    but anyway, just drive carefully, better dun look for trouble n dont provoke others if they did something wrong. defensive driving is the key 😛
    but if u see ur aunt honking non-stop, then by all means flip the bird (give her a taste of ur middle finger) *winks at bumbimbobo*

  6. this is when flyfm comes in, smooth music to ease stress and anger… it helps in every situation… ops, this is not an ad for fly, just saying that music radio helps

  7. heavenlyhell: yeah 😉
    blah: ahahahahahah….. that constitutes aggressive behaviour as well, i have CHANGED. i shall just flip the bird under the dashboard, where no one can see ;D
    Visitor: yeah! i have friends who were car-jacked by people with parangs before. you cannot do anything about it!
    Low: there’s people with mental disorder everywhere, not only Malaysia, of course.
    Khinko: but the police was not very clever in believing his story about it being self-defence. who is the one with the weapon??
    allan: sometimes you subconsciously do things without realising it’s against your better judgment. you know how most of the days you know when to avoid trouble, and suddenly one day, you just do the opposite…… everything happens for a reason!

  8. mat rempit is another case, please do bang em all to hell. filth. wats even worse is dat THERE’S ACTUALLY GIRLS THAT LIKES THOSE B/R-TARDS. (B/R-TARDS = bastards cum retards) 😛
    PS: “girls liking bad boys” argument cant be applied in this situation, mat rempits r just simply stupid.

  9. bimb: well, its true that sometimes we don’t think straight when doing something. thats why its better to remain calm in the most tense of situations. easier said than done 😛
    regardless, i guess its best to keep cool and perhaps look for the next big weapon against the bully. hehe

  10. bimb: well, its true that sometimes we don’t think straight when doing something. thats why its better to remain calm in the most tense of situations. easier said than done 😛
    regardless, i guess its best to keep cool and perhaps look for the next big weapon against the bully. hehe

  11. that’s why i keep a parang under my seat. anyway, i blame road rage on the government’s failure to built proper roads and effectively educate its citizens on good driving skills and etiquette. I’m not even sure if this is the way to spell etiquette correctly. that’s how the government has failed.
    if we had better roads with less traffic jams and cause less damage to our cars and road works and police road closure not being carried out at rush hours, and we had good roads without pots holes everywhere damaging our cars, i think there will be very much less reason to get angry on the road.
    i’m sure all of us got angry at the wheel at some point. nowadays the only thing that really make me angry is idiotic drivers and frank’s sohai jokes. the worst time of my everyday is driving to work in the morning. if we can solve our country’s traffic problem i think this place will be a much better country to live in.

  12. even tow truck drivers keep weapons in their case tow trucks from other company try to curi business,bt usually first come first served

  13. alibaba: so aggressive!
    chuoming: ahahahahaha frank’s sohai jokes still getting to you????
    allan: also, cannot simply stop by the roadside, better just drive off!!! depending on car’s pick up, though……
    blah: YA!!!! what’s with the girls sticking to them while they’re ravaging the highways, i also tak faham. life at risk!
    ahrian: so ganas one you! until repeat 3x!! ;D

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