Russell Peters – Comedy now!

Russell Peters‘s stand up comedy.
The older white folks looks confused right now.
Punani is a Jamaican slang for a woman’s *phewwwitt*
My dad thought it was a tropical fruit
One time when I was a kid I was sick and I was messing with my daddy.
He said, “Oh my god son you’re sick, what can I get you?”
I go Dad…I love Punani..
My dad went to the Jamaican store..
“Hey lady where is your Punani??”
“My son is at home sick and he needs punani right now!”
“Give me two!”
“Is it ripe? Let me squeeze it”
“No No No.. No seeeds”
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15 thoughts on “Russell Peters – Comedy now!”

  1. Dude… Does your link work? I clicked it and a buch of codes came out.. Lol. Anyway i though it was a coincidence that i just heard about the russel dude today earlier on…

  2. Yup i have that. Just that when i clicked it te other day a page with a bunch of codes came up. O well. Its being dl now. Thanks. :p

  3. what da fu….
    how dare anybody ever say something real bad about russel cos den sombody…
    going to get hurt real bad

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