So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 2)

As promised let’s see how does Vivian Chow looks like 10 years later…
As usual after Vivian Chow went into retirement for a long while, she decided to make a come back to be spokeperson for some product (because the money in her bank account is depleting)

She has not change much.
She even do some shots for magazine which is good news for her fans.

15 thoughts on “So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 2)”

  1. her bOobs went smaller now…. why ar? is it cos the trend of hongkies liking flat chests… i reckon so… but she looks very “well maintained” -_-

  2. i don’t think her boobs look smaller. there are still glimpses of her magnificent cleavage in the 4th photo. maybe they’ve sagged a little considering her age but they still look mouth-watering…

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