Salem Genting rave

I’m going!!!

Tickets are available at Excessive Records, KL and HP Towers, Bukit Damansara.
Ok, one last story before I wrap up the final chapter of the chronicles from Br1ckf1eld’s college.

My friend, A told me a story about another weird classmate of ours. Some guy (Let’s call him K), probably at his late 20s, who re-sat CLP for 4 times and does loads of weird poses when studying (ie the marvelous left on back of his head and right hand on his waist visa versa).

One day, A went dinner with him and another friend. A and K ordered fried noodles. While eating..

K: hot so hot so hoootttt.. slurp slurp slurp..
A and friend looks.

K: argh..

He stood up, went to the restaurant’s kitchen and got himself a cup of ice. He then pours the ice on to his fried noodles and started eating…and yes..he finished the entire plate of noodles..even the cup of ice he poured on the noodles.. .

18 thoughts on “Salem Genting rave”

  1. *ahahaha* Weirded out…I guess he’ll listen to Jazz, wear a bathrobe all day and have a bunch of cats in a few years… Oh, and he’ll be talking to the TV and live on canned soup. I guess…

  2. im goin! but i need car pool. anways, i saw someone eating “pan meen” with ice cubes cos well, its “too hot”… how gross… yucks..

  3. what’s wrong with ur friend? hahaha..all the djs like tak pernah dengar one? hahaha but u should go… have some fun!!

  4. ehehe johan gielen will murder em all wei!! i wonder if it’ll be like his trance energy sets .. woohoo

  5. Melethril: i think he’ll end up @ an asylum or something eheh ioki: kei lan tiu ah ahah cheryl: EUw? pan mee with soup?? YUMMIE: yaya u should try. Sui Lin: he’s a well know weird fellow in class. hehe OF COURSE MUST G Oivn: POWER SHITS YO DJ Johan Gielen – Out Of Grace- Anglia W00T W00t eishin: Johan Gielen – Out Of Grace- Anglia W00T W00t shin: yeah man, must be from kelantan ahah

  6. u know..i think Lainie has a classmate that is probably just as psycho…but from what i hear he seems worse than that whacky K dude..

  7. gguni: but no woman wants mmmm..really? u should ask lainie to post stories about him 😀 there are many stories about K..but im jut too lazy to write it out ehhe facky: yummy yummyyafd: no man..we’re off to GENTING!! WOO HOO

  8. oh niceeeeeeeeee!!!!Johan Gielen!!!!!!! that’s probably the only DJ worth paying for at the show! Nice! thanks for sharing man.

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