The battle has ended…

530AM: Woke up. I’m all set to go!
9AM – 12:15PM: Last paper. It went well. But once again, I had 45 minutes left after I finish my paper. It’s either I’m damn good or I just fucktup my paper. Results will be out in September.
2PM: Ate lunch with Joo Pern, Yyvone, Alex and David @ Segambut Seafood curry noodles. David, my former university mate from Sheffield is here on a 3 weeks holiday. Seafood Curry noodles was good. Huge bowl, loads of big prawns and mussels. The price? RM15..oOoOo my wallet was bleeding.
3PM – 7PM: Went climbing. Top 3 6As routes and failed numerous attempts on other 6A and 6B routes. Farkkk. Alex and David came over to see. They’ll be climbing this Sunday 😀

My classmates were at Bar F1am, Bangsar to celebrate Jon’s birthday and also the end of CLP. As I arrive, a classmate shoved a big bottle of whisky and ordered me to drink. i drank it yo..mmm whisky..long time no drink..

Chicks were abundant. Hot ones included. I mean like TOOO MANY CHICK.

However…I left after 10 minutes. I couldn’t take it. I feel so out!! My friends were grooving to Britney Spears, 50 cents and all. I was like, fark..this is pop music with bass mannn.. but but butttt… that’s what chicks groove to!!

I was staring at the faces of the people I’ve been seeing for the past 9 months. I hardy know them though. They were all hi bye friends. I guess that one of the reasons that I feel so out there. Damn, I should have mingled around rather than paying full attention in class. Oh well.

12 thoughts on “The battle has ended…”

  1. lol. ppl normally complain that they don’t pay full attention in class cos they’re busy mingling around. YOU pula complaining that you pay too much attention in class!

  2. i wouldn’t say it’s the music that made u uncomfortable.. it’s the place… makes you very unwelcomed… bar flam sucks!!

  3. fucker frank never blogee_ven: nooooo i canttttt. i cannot betray my kindddGavin: u fucking traitor, u ought to be shot la!! hehe wolfx: only if you’re trippinggguni: nooo fucking way hehe ratz: aiseh Sui Lin: yes yes yes i agreee!! no more bar flam for me!! terence: mmm.. should have mingled around abit la..i paid 100% attention..hehecheryl: mmm recovery? well, my friends usually goto bar code or carlos. as for me, i go home to sleep..zzz

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