Salem Revelation – Return of the Melbourne Shufflers @ Port Dickson

The time has come for this long anticipated rave.

The place was huge. It has 2 rooms and also a Ferris wheel smacked in the middle. Sound system was mediocre and there was a little bit of overlapping between the 2 rooms. It was some sort on the beach..without the seashore though.

It was disappointing. There are soooo many things I want to complain about this rave.

Our phone lines were jammed (probably due to overflow of traffic) and since the place was huge, we spent half of our time looking for friends. I came with Sam, Ivan, Kelynn and Big Ben. Big Ben was no where to be seen right after he was swallowed by the sea of people. It took us an hour plus to meet up with Ping, Hen, Kiang, Sharon, Sui Lin and Cris.

Big Ben & Joyce – minutes before they were swallowed by the sea of people.

There were not enough toilets as well. People had to line up for quite some time just to use the toilet. Ivan and I didn’t bother lining up and ended up watering some plants behind the toilet. We weren’t the only ones though O_O
Parking was shit as well. But we found a nice spot at a golf course, just opposite the entrance to the rave. So while disembarking, a guard suddenly screamed,


It seems that we drove into the golf course using a walkway, ran over their dividers and parked on their green. Ops..

The place was packed, packed and packed!. The music was so-so. Johan Gielen’s set was disappointing, it was not as good as the one he played last year. As for Scott Project, damn.. it was so-so as well. They played the usual stuff…..mega mega white thingg…

The girls..

Sharon, Sui Lin, Me (Showing my disapproval towards the rave) & Ping

These 2 girls were dancing seductively on the stage. They managed to attract a huge crowd and also posed for pictures. I wonder if they were paid for doing that.

However, there was a mixture of all sorts of clubbers and ravers from all over Malaysia. I bumped into fellow reader, PaKaP from Johor and his friends but lost him after that.

We had to walk quite a bit when returning to our cars. While walking, a car was behind us. He pressed the horn loudly…and someone in the car screamed, “WOI!! GET OFF THE WAY. HAM KA CHAN (WHOLE FAMILY DIE)!!”
Definitely clubbers from an ahbeng village in Malaysia!!!!!!!

We left about 4am. I left with Kiang, Ping and Hen. Big Ben was still no where to be seen.
Damn, this rave sucked. I feel so damn TAK PUAS!! (NOT SATISFIED!)


25 thoughts on “Salem Revelation – Return of the Melbourne Shufflers @ Port Dickson”

  1. Girls are pretty….pretty darn sexy…Look at the girls, look at the girls!!! Besides that, i will give a rating of 6 out of 10….

  2. unfortunately, you are no where to be seen… hehe.. packed, lousy sound system, lousy music. we’re all so disappointed. Left early and booze in our apartment instead. shall wait for the next big one on November I think…

  3. I have the same point of view on the 2 girls too. I saw them running everywhere and dancing on the stage and Im wondering is she get paid too. Gielen’s set was dissapointing, playing almost all old tracks

  4. Amos: i see more guys than girls. we need to import more girls from china/india/etc!
    wendy: aiyah, the place is too crowded to spot anyone…
    eric: yeah, i think only 1 of them is hot hehe

  5. hahaha I was right! I even managed to persuade all my friends not to go to this rave. I agreed to go to the one in genting only because if the rave was bad, at least I could enjoy the cool air.This one…hahaha we’ll probably end up swimming with the jellyfish.

  6. haha.. arhh.. im not satisfied too.. bad rave party.. hahaha.. but first time meet xes .. like this
    me: xes .. (so many time .. pekak ape?)
    xes: hey.. and who are u??
    me: *blur* owhh .. im PaKaP
    xes:owhh.. heyy.. amos waiting for u
    me: *blur* again .. where??
    hahaa.. this.. cant find where xes gone.. herm..
    the party was bad.. but the gurls!!! woOOt!!!! damn hot!!!

  7. i think good or bad doesn’t matter. it’s the company you go with.
    dammit. i’ve been missing a lot of events lately.
    organ donors, hardsequence, then now the rave.
    *sobb sobb*

  8. haha, yeah have to agree, it was like shit, should have got it going back in genting
    no ample parking space, almost got into a fight with some fucking bastards who went and block our cars when we were trying to get back to the hotel
    the q into the venue was like so fucking loooooooong
    then kena fuck by the stupid traffic police coz we waited for our friends at the road facing the main entrance
    phone line was congested, both of my phones are deem non-usable

  9. girls..even gt ferris wheel like funfair…now my house area in JB gt funfair…everynite play Thai techno until i cant girls but gt 3 elephants 🙂

  10. irene&julz: aiyah u girls sshould have went!! the rave was in lack of girls!! almost a sausage party..hekhek
    pakap: aiyah sorry la. quite abnormal that ppl call me xes on the streets kekek
    honfaai: i guess thats the only highlight of the night la
    zhong: kekekeke dont miss the Sepang rave then!! u better not!!
    earlku: mmmmm…skimpy chicks..mmmmm.. mendedahkan aurat…tak halal ni!!
    peggy: yupyup!! :D:D:D
    flint: eh? Thai techno?? how is it like?

  11. huhu.. some said it was the bomb! best event ever blablabla! but reading here.. seems like it wasn’t.. well i never really liked big raves.. but the roadtrip is always fun!!
    i guess i didn’t miss much by not going 🙂

  12. Hmm..after reading all this, should I say I’m glad that I saved a lot on flight and tickets for not going? haha. xes, thanx for this blog. you keep me updated with saucy infos, comments and pics. I just love your blog! Keep it comin.

  13. galferari: hehe naked? half naked la..but if its realyl naked..tell me where!!
    baburs: u missed the bikinis!!!
    Shaolintiger: great pictures mate 😀
    celticgrace: thanks!!! glad you find it useful 😀

  14. xes: U know Gatecrasher in Sheffield? On monday, they have different theme night. They offered GBP500 for a girl and guy to do pole dancing, naked of coz. The girl and the guy will be competing with each other to win the prize money…ppl were really desperate….heheheheh

  15. The rave sucked in the beginning.. but Scott Project Rocked shit up… sound arrangement sucked. The lighting sucked.. too bright all over the venue… and i noticed whole lotta ah beng ravers from wahlauland act reeeaaaal cool.

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