17 thoughts on “Salem Revelation @ Port Dickson 20 August 2005”

  1. nicholas: ehhe thank you for trying to save my face..but i have to admit..its a genuine typo!! eheh i must be hungry that time…
    amos im going!! i hope…

  2. suilin: i drive lor. hehe
    zhong: nvm la. kl and pd is about 45 mins drive. its not that far. on the other hand, u can stay in seremban as well la hehe

  3. xes: your dreaming ar? KL n PD 45mins? KL n Seremban 45mins lar!!! So who’s going now? I wanna buy ticket 2nite!

  4. Amos: can la. 45 mins.. kekek seremban half an hour for me only..ekeke
    buy tickets so fast? tiu..my friends still taking their tiem to confirm..

  5. Nadea, Zyreque, Mamad, Ziee, Nick, Iryn, Zul, Lan Tarahal, Botak, Amat, Raja, Boy, Zack, Vicky, Ali, Jack, Aien, Mervin, Karen, Rizz, Max. GUYZ, WE R GOIN 2 RECHARGE!!! WOOHOO!!!

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