So u wanna be a snake hunter…

Apparently snake hunter is a very lucrative profession in Kedah. I hear that the snake hunter in Kedah catches snake with their barehand.

Damn brave, man!!! Unfortunately, i have yet to seen them in action. I wonder if it is the same as these African Snake Hunter…

Before going into action, the hunter wrapped his hand with some thick animal skin. From the photo, it looks like fox skin but i doubt it is fox skin…=P

He then climbed into the snake hole.

Ah Ha! He found his prey, a female python guiding her nest

Snake: You are going to get me so easily

The hunter offered his hand to the snake!!!

Hunter: dude faster pull me out!!

Hunter: i am the MAN!!!

Finally, the hunters marched home with the catch of the day.
Hunter: Let’s have BBQ Snake meat and Snake Kut teh soup for dinner today

6 thoughts on “So u wanna be a snake hunter…”

  1. y did they leave de eggs behind? applause for de camera man for fitting his camera down de snake hole. isnt it amazing how they did dat?

  2. I think its wise to leave the eggs behind.
    When the eggs hatch, there will be more snakes. As the snakes grow older, they will lay eggs again.. cycle continue.

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