Sepang Regenerate Redzone 2005

Ping, Kiang, Hen, Sam, Big Ben, Johnson and the rest went for Sepang Regenerate Redzone featuring Eddie Halliwell, Felix da HouseCat, Adam Freeland, Romel and Ben Katana.

Covercharge was dirt cheap! Only RM25 for presale!! (before 11PM). The settings were very nice too. They had games, 3D movie at a huge igloo, great lighting and cooling as well. Thumbs up to the Regenerate crew.

Igloo 3d cinema.

Mountain of cars

Johnson, Big Ben and me

Jess, Sam & Kiang

Sam, Ivan & Kelynn

Sam, Johnson & Big Ben

Big Ben sitting in the drain..LOL
However, music was CRAP, CRAP and CRAP. Adam Freeland played break beats (not my favourite) and proceeded to some remixed ROCK MUSIC. WHAT THE FUCK. HE TURNED THE BLOODY RAVE INTO A CONCERT. Further the DJs kept on playing Blur – Song 2 for 3 or 4 times. I cant believe some people actually enjoyed it! Hen said he felt like he’s in the Force of Nature Tsunami fund concert.
Click here to see the bloody video
But our main purpose for the rave is to hear Eddie Halliwell’s set. It was good but some people were pissed off with Tabla Maniam for messing up the tracks. I personally think that Tabla Maniam’s drums made the set better.
Click here to see Eddie Halliwell & Tabla Maniam in action
Unfortunately, Eddie Halliwell’s set lasted barely 1 hour. If more time had been allocated to him, he would have played a better set.
Click here to see some shuffling action (dark)
Furthermore, the night was spoilt by the police. They were randomly checking patrons for drug abuse in the toilet. I hope those who were caught are alright now. Under the Malaysia’s Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, any possession of drugs without permission will be punished as follows:-

    Fine not exceeding RM20000 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or to both.
    Less than 2gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    Less than 5gm in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)
    Less than 20gm in weight cannabis
    Imprisonment not less than 2 years up to 5 years.
    Between 5 gm or more but less than 30 gm in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine
    Between 2gm & less than 5gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    20 gm or more but less than 50 gm in weight cannabis;
    Imprisonment not less than 5 years up to life and 10 strokes of cane.
    Between 5gm & less than 15gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    Between 50 gm & less than 250gm in weight of cannabis
    30 gm or more in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)
    For possession exceeding the amount below, there is a presumption of trafficking which carries the death penalty.
    15 grammes or more in weight of heroin/morphine
    200 grammes or more in weight of cannabis
    50 grammes or more in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)

I’m not sure how heavy is a pill. Can anyone enlighten us about this? sixthseal?
Once a person is arrested, he must be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours. However, if the following day is a public holiday, the arrestee will be produced before a magistrate the day after the public holiday. However, the arrestee may be bailed out provided that the offence is not punishable with death or a remand order has been issued against the person. Hope this helps.

15 thoughts on “Sepang Regenerate Redzone 2005”

  1. hey sorry xes, i didn’t have time to talk to you much in regen. was busy being harassed by dumbass customers who keep on asking me why no beer at the 1st drinks counter, and looking at me suspiciously like i was lying to them and keeping the beer all to myself. And to all u curious ppl out there wondering why this year’s regen didn’t offer a first complimentary beer, FUCKING ASK THE BEER SPONSORS!! RETARDS!!!!!

  2. It’s adam Freeland….his live set supposed to be good…oh welll the one I downloaded….but u hate breaks….:P I would listen to ur video and see…

  3. hahaha….His set i’ve downloaded are nothing like that…. Never ever a rock music feature in his live set….kekekeke…. Must be the Msian organiser telling him to drop it???

  4. stoom: wah ganas? hehe
    jolingx: really? mmmm..
    Lil eletro comrad: the way their end up the event soo SUCKS? eh?
    lynn: yeah wor..surprise of the century!!!
    flush: heheh i see u guys were busy servicing ppl when we were leaving la. but i saw jon flirting with chicks
    irenehai: pls tell adam sandler not to come back to msia anymore.HE SUCKED
    L: no la. they are all my friends’ gfs.
    honfaai: friend’s gf. dont touch ehe

  5. xes: u mean the john that was working with me? he is naturally charming la, not flirting with girls. he main belakang wan. hahahaha!!!!!

  6. flush: rotfl…
    the nirvana track adam freeland dropped in his set was one of his famous remixes. when felix dropped manson’s ‘beautiful people’ now that was fuckin sick shit…pity i had to leave. .dammit.

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