Xes.cx Trance mix 3

I didn’t know how to label this set, its a fine mixture of classic trance, club and hardstyle. It was getting boring halfway through and i had a quick nap in between. Subconciously loaded a hard bomb on the last track, as a matter of fact it wasn’t even queued! but it turned out alright, i guess. The tracklisting are as follow:
Young Parisans ft. Ben Lost – Jump the Next Train
Dumonde – Singularities
DJ Shog – The Second Dimention
Beyond Unreal – X Rated
Blank and Jones – DJs, Fans and Freaks
Cosmic Gate – Tomorrow
Trance Angel – On The Beach
Aura Source of Trance – Destination Skyline
Bubble Fish – Sushi Lovers
United Beats – Por Que No
Dark By Design – Apocalypse
Have a nice weekend!

20 thoughts on “Xes.cx Trance mix 3”

  1. Ermm, if she dont mind…of course i would like to know your friend. 🙂
    Rych’s fan club..hahahahha

  2. DKBU: thank you for the comments! anyway i don’t usually give out discrete information publicly, but you can contact me through my msn: rychrychrychrych at hotmail dot com. from there maybe we can work something out, probably arrange for a gay meeting and and and and hmmmm…yam yam yam….*winks winks*

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