Server down.

Fuckup server had couple of problems for the past few days. I just fixed them all.

Bad news, Internet will not be installed at my house today. BT broadband rejected our application because Chuo Ming’s account didn’t have enough money to pay for it. We’re going to reapply for it again but it would take us a long time for them to install the Broadband for us.

Vodafone barred my phone. I cant call out to anyone but i could still text message people. I confronted the Vodafone officials today and it seems that i’ve exceeded my credit limit.

What a day!

13 October 2002 Sunday
I sprained my thumb while playing basketball today. It happened when Jason and I were rushing towards the ball, I managed to get hold of it but Jason on the other hand missed the ball and ended up smashing his hand through my thumb.
It was raining halfway while we were playing. Feeling unsatisfied, we ignored it and continued playing. I ended up with fever throughout the night.