Accepted into taking Jap

I hate chain of calamities. It’s when all of a sudden your luck changes and bad luck befalls on you. It started this evening, when I handed in my Add/Drop form for the application of Japanese language to Nicola Wragg (our undergraduate officer). I thought my application was accepted entirely but apparently it wasn’t. I still need to get the Dean’s signature. Fine, all I need to do is talk cock to him and plead for a signature. I went up to his office but he wasn’t around. Fine, I’ll talk to him tomorrow and I decided to head home to cook lunch. It was raining heavily. Fine, I’m wearing my windbreaker. I reached home soaking wet and headed to the fridge straight to take my bacon out but unfortunately the bacon was frozen. I can’t remove them piece-by-piece. FINE, I’ll remove them with a knife. Ouch, I accidentally poked my thumb with the knife and it bled. FINE, it’s just a small wound, so fuck it, man. Few seconds later, while I was cutting the bacon, it went out of position and ended up hitting my index finger. Blood oozed out slowly from the deep wound. Oh fine again, thank god it didn’t slice my whole finger off. I washed the wound with antiseptic, wrapped it with tissue and cooked. Melody text messaged me while I was halfway cooking. I was worried about her when she suddenly stopped messaging me for couple of hours. I even got Ben to call her but she didn’t pick up. She said that her phone ran out of battery. That explains the sudden stoppage of incoming messages. My luck changed after that. I guess all my bad karmas were exhausted.
7:00PMMy application for Japanese language course has been accepted! No more boring Law and Medicine!

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