server is back again…after 2 days of downtime and starwing

Finally, a new server. The previous server had some problems. I’m on a new server now. Thank you for your loyal support! hehe

I’ve been on loads of stress lately. Loads of things to read and worst of all, results for bar school. I was rejected by Nottingham Trend Uni and my 2 other options are still under consideration. I’m hoping to get into Manchester Metro Uni as it was my first choice. Wish me luck!!!

Life is so full of surprises. I just found out that Starwing, someone I knew for 5 years from IRC, is my first cousin. He is my dad’s brother’s son! For the past few years, it didn’t occur to me that Starwing shares the same surname as mine until I visited his website. His name is Melvin Foong.
We soon realise that we were related after he confirmed that his grandfather is from Bidor, Perak (a state in Malaysia), operates a restaurant there and married with 2 wives. We do also share the same grandmother.
Couple of months ago, on my birthday to be precise, I found out that I have a half sister. I’ve always thought she’s some sort of relative due to the fact she visits my family sometimes. When I asked mum about her relation with my half sister, she said she’s just a relative. But that was when I was still in primary school. On my 21st birthday, my sister text messaged me on my 21st birthday. She wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FROM YOUR SISTER” I was puzzled and replied the message, “Thanks but who are you?” I thought it was some long lost pet sister or something. My sister called and told me the truth. I guess you guys are wondering what truth? Hehe, it’s a very private matter. Oh yeah, by the way, I heard that my other (not the one i just referred too) half sister is fucking gorgeous (What other half sister???). All I can say is, I have a very complicated family.

Starwing’s website:

I love hero stories

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  1. He’s a bit slow. Forgive him.The fact that I did not realised(I know his surname long ago) is because I know a lot of friends that shared the same surname as myself. He, on the other hand only knew me. So that is what made him suspicious.

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