sex sex sex!!!

These pictures were taken in Glasgow.

xes (69k image)
This one must excite you, leong! XES XES XES!! trademark it πŸ˜€

slne (65k image)

Emely babe and I. We’re under a magnifying glass ;P

sydney (78k image)

If i’m not mistaken this is the Glasgow Science Centre, and also the Sydney look-alike!! πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “sex sex sex!!!”

  1. omg! I miss Glasgow!!!!!!!! didcha go shopping there? it’s like madness! OMG! hehehehe.. nice pictureeeeesss

  2. Ur Emely babe fren kinda look like Wen Dee. Mayb i’m wrong. Muz b d magnifying glass effect. So she staying in da hostel as well? Which college? And da glasglow science center’s roof might open up and a rocket to mars mght lift off. Good for end of da world escape…..:ÞWoo HoooooooP.S. Ask Emely to send my regards to Mei Cheng for me thanxs so so much……

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