big brother malaysia!

Oh my god. When I was at my sister place today, my sister and her children were singing along a television show called Akademi Fantasi. She said that show is pretty popular now and it’s a craze among them. The contestants are now staying at a house at Mines and connection from the outside world is cut off. And every week, they would have to perform something. My god, its Malaysia’s version of Big Brother! For your information, Big Brother is a reality television show. Contestants are required to spend few weeks at a house without connection to the outside world. All their activities and movement are recorded by video cameras (most western countries Big Brother has cameras in the toilet). Usually the contestants are random normal people (sometimes there are celebrities). This reality television concept has been a worldwide phenomenon. Countries such as UK, US, Brazil and Australia has it. However, the most unique version is the Africa version. It features contestants from a few African countries such as South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. Couple of weeks ago, the UK and Africa Big Brother TV exchanged one of their contestants for a week.

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