Sexual Harrasment

The Government released a Sexual Harrasment Guideline for their staff.
Government servent are not allowed to :-
1. ogle ( if i stare at you, how do you know that i am staring at you flirtatiously)
2. hug colleagues without their consent (not even your colleagues who are of the same gender? oh yeah, i forgot there are gays and lesbians in this world).
3. lewd hand signs. (oooh, showing middle finger izzit?)
4. dirty SMS messages.
5. asking for sexual bribes.
6. cracking off-colour jokes. (off-colour joke means indencent joke. hmmm…)
I wonder if the same guideline applies to the public because i sometime flirt with the ladies in the Government Department. That’s the only way to get my thing done fast without having to “buy them coffee”. Of cause, i don’t tell them off-colour jokes but i did show them the middle finger when they turn around (especially when no one else is there).
Note: This guideline was published in NST once upon a time but i can’t find the softcopy of it, online.

8 thoughts on “Sexual Harrasment”

  1. erm. if dun flirt wif dem, they won’t feel good.
    mebbe guideline only applies to the civil servants, but outsiders still can kacau them? hehe.

  2. Just out of curiosity, how do you prove all these? Do you have to have a witness? What if it’s just you against someone else?

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