sexy spiders

WoOHoOo!! Exams are over! (One smack* Ouch! from wendee 😛 ) Got up pretty late today. Not a good way start the day, gotta ‘perform’ some major cleaning-up session in my room. *wink* Again, my housemates and I had this after-exam drinking night yesterday. Leong and I started off with a bottle of Asti, while Chuo Ming and Kim said they will join us soon after PS2 . Both of us got pretty bored, so Leong suggested we should play card games while waiting for the rest to move their arse. The rule of the game was to guess the colour of the next card (DOhh!!) I have lost count on how much we drank ( Leong must have tricked me into ‘sipping’ most of the shots while he puff away..MUAHAHAHa ) But, it was all good..WICKED!! 😀

As I’m writing this blog, I just received a message from one of my best friends in Malaysia saying that her ex-boyfriend ( who is apparently now in jail ) wanted her home address so that he could write to her. AWWwWwW* She broke into tears when the boy’s mum ring her for her address. I bet most of you guys back in Malaysia must have heard about the murder case of a doctor in Bangsar a month ago or so. ‘Sadly’ , he had to be one of the murderers. Apparently, the charges have been read to them and the judge decided on a death sentence!!!Does he deserve another chance, or was he given too many? Man..mistakes in life..sometimes there is just no turning back. *sob.

GoSHhHh..spiders SpiDeRsSs!!..Spiders have been crawling up my bed and down my carpet!! And also deli-long legs!!! My room is turning into a mini zoo. These pets of mine come from the gigantic overgrown tree which is right next to my skyline window. So, every time when I open it, I’ll be inviting more thingies into my room. Don’t let me see any crawling creatures, otherwise they will all be whacked and smashed (and probably eat them too ? )mUaHAHHahha..I’m turning into an animalist!!



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  1. frank: heyhey,,u still have 2 bottles of wine in my room..when i’m THIRSTY i’ll drink it all huh!! better come get it fast 😛

  2. Hello all, my name is Guan Kah.Invited by Siew Lee to comment on her blog. So how has she been??? Notti as usual or is she tamer? She was Miss Goody 2 Shoes when I 1st met her in SAM. Came as a shock to me when i heard she was gettin piss drunk all d time(except during her exams). Anyway, enuff about her and back to her blog which deserves much more attention. Talking about zoo, there are lotz of possums here and they are a menace.But the government decide somewhere along the line that they are endangered species or something because killing them is against the law.It becoming like the magpie problems in Malaysia.I heard in New Zealand anybody can juz take out a gun and shoot them.COOL………would love to live there.Can do target practise whenever i step out of the house.SIOW………Nice to b able to tok here……U guyz enjoy urself out there….

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